This Local European-style Café’s Famous Oregon Pastry is Dethroning the Classic Cinnamon Roll

Café des Chutes
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Have you had a chance to try Café des Chutes yet? If you have been here, then you already know how amazing their pastries are. If you haven't, we couldn't recommend them more. And their famous pastry is giving the good ol' fashion Cinnamon Roll a run for it's money.

Central to the café’s allure is the Oregon Roll, their house specialty that has not only earned a spotlight in my heart but also among locals and visitors alike. I must confess, I'm a complete sucker for pastries; when faced with their temptation, all my usual disciplined diet considerations just fly out the window. It's as if those delightful treats have a magical way of bypassing my willpower, leaving me blissfully surrendering to their allure.

Pistachio croissants / Image courtesy of Cafe Des Chutes

In 2021, Cari Brown transitioned from her role as general manager at The Sparrow Bakery to the founder of Café des Chutes, transforming the bakery's former Scott Street location into her own venture. Drawing on her vast experience in baking and restaurant management, Brown developed the Oregon Roll, a unique pastry inspired by her childhood memories and refined from an initial hazelnut butter and jam on brioche concept.

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Despite concerns over its name's similarity to Sparrow's Ocean Roll, the Oregon Roll flourished, emblematic of Brown's personal touch and culinary innovation. Embracing the competitive and scrutinizing environment of local bakeries, Brown sees the pursuit of distinctive signature pastries not as competition but as inspiration, aiming to contribute positively to the community's culinary landscape through excellence and a passion for her products.

This delectable pastry, with Marionberry Jam rolled in croissant dough and topped with a luscious Hazelnut Butter Glaze, is a true celebration of Oregon’s flavors. The combination of the sweetness from the Marionberry and the rich, nutty undertones of the hazelnut creates a symphony of flavors that is both comforting and indulgent. For anyone stepping into the café, the Oregon Roll is an absolute must-try, perfectly encapsulating the spirit of Oregon in every bite and, quite frankly, making any thoughts of a disciplined diet gleefully disappear.

The café’s menu is a vibrant palette of flavors and options, catering to a wide array of tastes and dietary needs. From the flaky and buttery classic Butter Croissant to the sophisticated Ham & Cheese Croissant, infused with applewood smoked ham, a blend of Swiss & Asiago, and a touch of Dijon, apricot jam, sage, and black pepper, there’s something for every mood and moment.

For those with a sweet tooth, the Chocolatine and Pistachio Croissant are revelations. The Chocolatine, with its laminated croissant dough rolled with Valrhona Chocolate, offers a decadent chocolate experience, while the Pistachio Croissant, filled with Pistachio Frangipane Pastry Cream, is a nutty, sweet delight.

pastry selection
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Yet, it’s not just about pastries. Café des Chutes excels in savory offerings as well. The B.A.T. croissant sandwich, a concoction of smoked bacon, arugula chimichurri, tomato jam, and baked egg, drizzled with Agrumato lemon oil and sprinkled with Maldon Sea Salt, is a breakfast marvel. Each ingredient sings, creating a harmony of flavors that is both refreshing and satisfying.

sandwich at cafe des chutes
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The café also offers a nod to health-conscious and dietary-restricted patrons with options like the Vegan and Gluten-Free Lemon Poppyseed Mini Bundt Cake and the Dairy-Free Peanut Banana Brownie. Their commitment to inclusivity and quality is evident in these creations, ensuring that everyone can find something to enjoy.

Smoked Trout Sandwich / Julianne B.  (Yelp)

Every visit to Café des Chutes is an exploration of flavor and craftsmanship that tantalizes the taste buds. Their ever-changing selection of seasonal and special items keeps the experience fresh and exciting. Whether it’s diving into the richness of a Savory Bread Pudding or savoring the delicate balance of a Vegan Cheesecake, there’s always a new delight waiting to be discovered. This constant innovation is a testament to the café’s passion for food and its commitment to high-quality, locally sourced ingredients. Coupled with the inviting atmosphere, each visit becomes a memorable journey through taste, where every dish tells a story of creativity, care, and community.

Continuing from where we left off, let's delve deeper into the heart and soul of Café des Chutes, enriching our exploration with more insights and stories from this captivating French-style café in Bend, Oregon.

Café des Chutes isn't just a summer or spring destination; it's a year-round haven for locals and travelers alike. Whether you're seeking refuge from the chilly winter winds with a warm, freshly baked Butter Croissant and a steaming cup of coffee or enjoying a light, refreshing Lemon Poppyseed Mini Bundt Cake in the summer sun, this café adapts to every season with grace and flair. The inviting ambiance, characterized by its cute, light atmosphere, makes you feel right at home, no matter the weather outside.

Guests also have the option to enjoy the fresh air in their charming outdoor seating area, complete with a variety of round and square light green metal tables arranged under a cozy wooden pergola.

outdoor area at cafe des chutes
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What truly sets Café des Chutes apart is the passion and dedication of the people behind the counter. Each member of the team brings a love for food and community to the table, creating an environment that's as welcoming as it is innovative. The commitment to crafting everything in-house, from scratch, not only ensures the freshness and quality of each dish but also reflects the café's dedication to culinary authenticity and sustainability. This ethos is evident in their careful selection of organic and local produce, supporting both the environment and the local economy.

Beyond the Oregon Roll, every item on the menu weaves a tale of imagination, attentiveness, and flavor adventures. Consider the Savory Bread Pudding as a prime example—this dish showcases the café's ingenious and lavish approach to cuisine. Transforming leftover croissants into a rich, custard-soaked brunch delight, Café des Chutes highlights its dedication to sustainability and waste reduction, all while ensuring each bite is as delicious as the next.

Similarly, the Vegan Cheesecake, so creamy and rich that you wouldn't know it's vegan, and the Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Cookie, with its perfect balance of crispy edges and a chewy interior, topped with Maldon Sea Salt, showcase the café's ability to cater to diverse dietary needs while elevating simple ingredients into extraordinary experiences.

Vegan Cheesecake at Café des Chutes / Facebook

Café des Chutes has become more than just a place to eat and drink; it's a cornerstone of the community. It's where artists from the nearby Old Ironworks district gather for inspiration and collaboration over cups of expertly brewed coffee. It's where skiers stop by on a crisp morning to fuel up before a day on the mountain, and where friends meet to catch up over a leisurely brunch in the courtyard, surrounded by the gentle buzz of conversation and the aromatic scent of baking pastries.

If you're up for a tasty adventure that's anything but average, Café des Chutes is your spot. Dive into their famous Oregon Roll, get creative with one of their sandwiches, or treat yourself to some sweet pastries. Every trip here is a chance to stumble upon something new, be it a special that's all the buzz this season or a go-to treat that's like a cozy hug.

As we wrap up this ode to Café des Chutes, it's clear that this isn't just any café. It's a testament to the power of good food, good coffee, and good company to create a space that feels simultaneously like an escape and a return to what matters most. In a world that moves fast, Café des Chutes offers a moment to pause, to savor, and to appreciate the simple joys that make life sweet.

Plan Your Visit

Café des Chutes is that cool hangout spot you'll want to hit up often. It's got awesome house-made pastries, a menu that's got something for everyone, and a vibe that just feels right. Pop in for a coffee on your way to the slopes or chill out over a lazy breakfast — it's the kind of place that sticks with you.

For those looking to experience the magic of Café des Chutes, here are the details you’ll need:

  • Phone Number: (541) 668-6114
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  • Hours of Operation:
    • Sunday to Tuesday, Thursday to Saturday: 8 AM – 2 PM