This Little Oregon Gem Serves Up Mouthwatering Fish & Chips

The sign for Grizzly Tuna. The sign is white with black words and a black silhouette of a tuna fish. It says
Photo by Kenny C. via Yelp.

Ever found yourself on the Oregon coast and craving some top-notch seafood? Look no further than Grizzly Tuna, a quaint roadside seafood shack in Seaside, Oregon that's been making waves with its mouth-watering fish and chips, fish tacos and crispy, golden fries. While it might not look like much from the outside, with its modest wood and metal siding, this drive-thru packs a punch with its minimal yet masterfully executed menu.

Grizzly Tuna In Seaside, Oregon - Some Of The Best Fish And Chips On The Oregon Coast

A white SUV, and a dark silver SUV in the drive thru line at Grizzly Tuna.
Photo by Darren Y. via Yelp.

Let's dive into what makes Grizzly Tuna a must-visit spot in Seaside. First off, the tuna here is nothing short of exceptional. Picture this: fresh tuna, perfectly cooked, with a mild flavor that's beautifully complemented by a crispy coating. And let's not forget about the chips – golden, delicious, and the perfect accompaniment to the star of the show.

A big piece of flaky tuna. It's white in the center and has a panko-like crust all the way around the edges.
Photo by Genevieve W. via Yelp.

The menu might be concise, but it's clear that Grizzly Tuna focuses on quality over quantity. The large Tuna Fish and Chips is a crowd-pleaser, boasting five breaded fish pieces with a generous serving of fries. For those with a smaller appetite, the small version hits just the right spot. The panko-style crust on the fish and chips is also a game-changer, adding an irresistible crunch to every bite.

Fish and Chips , and two fish tacos in takeout containers sitting on a red metal picnic table. Two small containers of sauce sit next to the food.
Fish Tacos and a Large Fish And Chips. Photo by Sylou T. via Yelp.

The fish tacos are a revelation – high-quality tuna fish, fresh tomatoes, and a unique sauce wrapped in a soft tortilla.

Fish Tacos in a white Styrofoam container at the beach.
Photo by Tyler R. via Yelp.

Grizzly Tuna's unique twist on the classic fish and chips is noteworthy. While it might not clinch a perfect score in the fish and chips league, it's definitely a contender with its unique flavor profile and quality ingredients. The slaw is super good, and the sauce? Simply amazing. This is the kind of place that challenges your expectations and delivers a delightful surprise.

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Crispy fish and chips. It looks delicious!
Photo by Kristy M. via Yelp.

Here's a pro tip: these dishes come out piping hot, which is perfect because it gives you time to drive down to the beach while your food cools off a little. Imagine savoring this delectable meal with a stellar view of the Oregon coast. That's an experience that epitomizes the Oregon coast lifestyle.

Parking is limited on site, so plan accordingly.

The menu on the window of Grizzly Tuna. It's a black sign with white writing.
Photo by Scott K. via Yelp.

The big black and white sign with the silhouette of a tuna fish is your beacon to this treasure trove of seafood delights. Grizzly Tuna might be small and easy to overlook, but it's this very unassuming nature that adds to its charm. It's the perfect spot to grab a meal on your way to or from the beach. Whether you're looking for a picnic treat or a hearty meal to refuel after a beach walk or hike, Grizzly Tuna has you covered.

Don't let the humble appearance of Grizzly Tuna fool you. This little drive-thru is a testament to the saying, "good things come in small packages."

Grizzly Tuna Seaside Information

The outside of Grizzly Tuna. It's a small building with wood and metal siding.
Photo by Arnel S. via Yelp.
  • Location: 850 N Roosevelt Dr in Seaside, Oregon
  • Hours: Monday - Sunday: 11 AM - 7 PM

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