Oregon Coast Mourns the Passing of Stranded Green Sea Turtle

sea turtle oregon coast
Oregon Coast Aquarium

In a somber turn of events along the shores of Oregon, a story unfolds of a diminutive green sea turtle, affectionately named "Squirt" due to her small stature, tragically losing her struggle for life. Discovered on the sands of Manzanita Beach last Saturday, the turtle's plight captured the hearts of many.

Despite the relentless efforts of the dedicated team at the Oregon Coast Aquarium, who provided ceaseless care for two harrowing days, Squirt's journey ended too soon. Her injuries, too severe to overcome, brought her brief resurgence under human care to a poignant end.

The perilous winter seas off the Oregon coast, known for their turbulent nature, often lead to such heartbreaking incidents. Green sea turtles, like Squirt, are marine reptiles heavily dependent on their environmental conditions for survival. The stark cold of these waters can render them lethargic and helpless, a state referred to as "cold-stunning," leaving them unable to forage or navigate effectively.

Such somber occurrences are a stark reminder of the fragility of marine life, particularly for species like the green sea turtle, which finds itself on the endangered list. The loss of Squirt is not just a single event but a symbol of the broader challenges faced by marine creatures in a rapidly changing world.

For those who encounter these gentle sea beings stranded on the beach, the advice remains clear yet urgent: do not attempt to move them. Instead, maintain a vigilant presence and promptly contact authorities such as the Oregon State Police Tipline at 800-452-7888 or the Marine Mammal Stranding Network, covering Oregon, Washington, and California, at 1-866-767-6114. Their timely intervention can offer a beacon of hope in such dire situations.

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