South Oregon Coast Revels in Bandon’s 77th Annual Cranberry Festival

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Bandon, Oregon, often associated humorously with cranberries for its rhyming allure, is once again set to host its annual celebration of the region's rich cranberry heritage. Merging 77 years of tradition with contemporary festivity, the Bandon Cranberry Festival is an awaited extravaganza that sweetens the atmosphere of the South Oregon Coast every September.

This year, Bandon pays homage to its local cranberry farmers with the theme "Crandyland". Sponsored by the Rogue Credit Union, the festival isn't merely a celebration but an educational and entertaining platform. While the festival highlights the significance of cranberries in the region, it also serves as an entertaining introduction to the community for visitors, ensuring a lively mix of local tradition and inclusive fun.

Bandon Oregon
Bandon, Oregon Historic District / Image via Wikipedia Commons

Pre-festival activities set the tone early, starting on Thursday with the crowning of the Cranberry Queen. The next day, Friday the 8th, locals eagerly anticipate the Cranberry Kitchen Contest. The tradition of crowning the Queen of the Kitchen goes back to 1948, marking the festival's second year. The local high schools also get in on the action, with volleyball and football games generating much excitement.

Come Saturday, September 9th, the official kick-off for the main public festival is marked with a vibrant parade through the town, embodying the Crandyland theme. The weekend brims with activities suitable for all ages, from the atmospheric evening street dance, live stage music, and the not-to-be-missed cranberry eating contest, which has become an iconic event in its own right.

bandon cranberry festival
Image courtesy of Bandon Chamber

The Bandon Cranberry Festival is not just about cranberries. It showcases classic cars and farm equipment displays, sports and community tournaments, and various art exhibits. The festival market emerges as a bustling hub of activity where visitors can indulge in shopping, dining, and exploring craft markets.

bandon cranberry festival
Bandon Cranberry Festival / Facebook

Sunday continues the momentum with the Cranberry Festival Food Court, and events like the Prancing Pet Parade, and the Cranberry Run through Bandon, providing ample opportunity for everyone to immerse themselves in the festivities.

With an expansive history that dates back to the days following World War II, this festival stands as a testament to Bandon's deep-rooted traditions and its commitment to celebrating its major industry. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a lifelong resident, the Bandon Cranberry Festival promises a sweetened experience on the South Oregon Coast. Join the festivities this year and savor the unique blend of tradition and fun that only Bandon can offer.

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