An Adventure To The Historic Gold Mines On Henline Creek In The Opal Creek Wilderness

Check out the video of this one of a kind Oregon adventure!

Old Gold Mines Oregon
Photo by Thomas Shahan via Flickr CC2.

Oregon has a rich history of gold mining, and the state is scattered with old mines. There are several old mines along Henline Creek in the Opal Creek Wilderness in Northwest Oregon, some of which can be seen near Henline Falls.

Check out this video from Matt Cook Oregon detailing his adventure to discover these mines:

The trails featured in this video are the Henline Falls Trail and the Ogle Mountain Trail. Note: Both of these trails are currently closed due to natural disaster. They may open again in the future. Research online to be certain the trail you want to hike is open to the public before you go. While this area is closed, there are some awesome caves you can explore in other parts of Oregon that are open to the public.

Please note: Hiking, entering the wilderness, exploring mines, caves or tunnels can be a dangerous activity and should be undertaken at your own risk. Research where you're going, don't go alone, prepare for the weather, take all necessary supplies, and obey all signs and laws. Never hike or adventure beyond your abilities.

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