The Peerless Hotel Is One Of the Most Unique Stays In Oregon

The Peerless Hotel
Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

If you're looking for a hauntingly beautiful place to stay this fall in Southern Oregon, The Peerless Hotel is the place to be. This once abandoned building built in 1900 was restored in the 1990's and turned into one of the classiest boutique hotels in Oregon, and added to the National Register of Historic Places. During your stay, you may see or feel the hotel's resident ghost Ameila, but don't worry, she seems to be friendly.

Elegant And Creepy, Hauntingly Beautiful

The Peerless Hotel
Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

The Peerless Hotel was once known as The Peerless Rooms, and was built in 1900 in Ashland Oregon to house working-class men and women. Single room occupancy used to be the norm in the working class, and The Peerless Rooms were booked until the railroad was re-routed to the nearby town of Klamath Falls and the need for workers dried up in the area. The Peerless Rooms was abandoned until the 1990's, when a new owner lovingly restored it into the prettiest historic boutique hotel in Oregon and renamed it The Peerless Hotel.

The Peerless Hotel
The Peerless Rooms were abandoned when workers went to another part of the state. Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

The Peerless Hotel offers guests modern amenities and comforts in a historic setting filled with timeless elegance. You'll enjoy the privacy of an inn with the personalized service of a Bed & Breakfast. The hotel is only a garden apart from the fabulous Peerless Restaurant & Bar, which serves up amazing food.

The Peerless Hotel
Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

Ashland is a special place to visit, and many come to see the Oregon Shakespeare Festival every year, as well as the beauty of Lithia Park (especially in the fall). Other things visitors like to do are walk to the cute shops and boutiques nearby and visit the local art galleries and day spas. The Peerless Hotel is only three blocks to downtown and six blocks to Lithia Park, so it's the perfect place to stay when visiting Ashland.

The pond at Lithia Park in fall. Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

Guests have full access to the lobby, the sun room and private courtyard, and the garden shared with the Peerless Restaurant.

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Historic And Haunted

Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

From rattling doorknobs, to doors being slammed that weren't open in the first place, and remnants of granite which was being used to make headstones, there's an eerie elegance that permeates The Peerless Hotel. Staff and guests often report encounters with a ghost dubbed Amelia, though they note the ghost seems to have no ill intentions and people feel at peace when they encounter her.

Room 7 at The Peerless Hotel. Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

When the hotel was being remodeled in the 1990's, a clairvoyant came to the hotel after reports of a presence and said the apparition seemed to be happy with what was being done to the building. In Room Three a guest saw an apparition behind her in a mirror above an elegant old dresser. What makes the encounter even creepier was that the woman had never heard that the hotel was haunted, so she hadn't been expecting to look up and see a ghost in the reflection.

Between the beauty of the historic hotel and the mysterious ghost, The Peerless Hotel is a fantastically wonderful place to stay.

The Peerless Hotel Information

The restored Coca-Cola sign on the side of The Peerless Hotel. Photo by Travis Wise via Flickr CC2.
  • Location: 243 4th St., Ashland, Oregon. The restaurant is located at 265 4th Street, Ashland, Oregon.
  • Contact: 541-488-1082
  • Website:  You can also keep up to date on their Facebook page.
  • Please note: Ashland charges a 10% room tax that's due at the time of arrival. The hotel doesn't allow children, smoking, pets, or holding parties and events in the rooms. From March 1st to October 31st your room includes a lovely served breakfast.
The Peerless Hotel and The Peerless Restaurant are separated by a beautiful garden. Photo from The Peerless Hotel Facebook page.

Have you ever stayed at The Peerless Hotel before? Have you encountered Amelia the ghost? Let us know in a comment and tag the loved ones you want to go with!