This Unique Tube Track in Oregon Opens Just in Time For Summer

Summer Tube Hill. Photo via Mt. Hood Skibowl facebook.

Everyone knows what fun it is to go zipping down the side of Mt. Hood on an innertube in the winter, but not many realize you can still go tubing in the summer. Summer Tube hill at Mt. Hood's Adventure Park is the perfect place to take family and friends this summer for tubing fun!

The Best Summer Tube Hill In The Pacific Northwest!

Summer tube hill is the first and best summer slide west of the Mississippi River. With views of the gorgeous Mt. Hood, and 300 feet of tube track in front of you, you can't go wrong.

Mt. Hood is beautiful in the summer and well worth the visit. Photo by Zach Dischner via Flickr CC2.

This unique summer tube track is designed to carry riders down the hill at a speed that's exciting, but also safe. A conveyor carries riders and their innertubes to the top of the hill after their ride so they can go down again without having a long walk. There are over six tubing lanes and two conveyors to ensure riders don't have a long wait time.

Tubing Information

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