Gas dips below $1 per gallon in Michigan, can we get some love in Oregon?

Last updated on February 21st, 2017 at 08:28 am

No this isn’t make-believe , it still is 2016 and gas has indeed dipped below $1 per gallon in Michigan.


According to reports from, a website which provides a “real time gas prices forum,” cited by Detroit’s local Fox affiliate, a possible price war between stations in Houghton Lake, Michigan is responsible for the basement level prices. Daily Detroit refers to Gas Buddy forums that reflect a $.78 per gallon price at Beacon and Bridge Market and a $.95 per gallon price at another service called the Marathon.



So obviously this is great for people in Michigan, but what about us Oregonians? Can we get some of this love over here? Currently the national average is around $1.935, and this is about what you expect in Portland on average.


Don’t go shopping for that gas guzzling SUV just yet, we shall see. I for one could definitely use some savings at the pump! Hey we’re getting close, in 1975 a gallon of regular gas cost $.057!