This Old Oregon Train Trestle on Dick Road is Said To Be Haunted

image courtesy of swainboat via flickr

Dick road and the Holcomb Creek Train Trestle is pretty damn creepy.

Have you ever seen this impressive wooden railroad trestle near North Plains, Oregon? While no one knows exactly when the trestle was built, it's said to be around 1908. The massive trestle crosses the Holcomb Creek and over Dick Road - a beautiful place where weddings are commonly held. It's also worth mentioning this particular trestle may be the not only the highest, but the longest one still being used in the United States.

It was originally run by the Southern Pacific and Burlington Northern railroads, but in the mid 1990's the BN tracks between Bowers Jct. and St. Mary's Jct. (Beaverton) were abandoned and have long since been removed. The railroad that currently operates here today is the Portland and Western.

Here's a video of the train trestle on YouTube.


So onto the creepy stuff that I've been researching on random forums and Reddit. Story has it there was a string of suicides that happened here in the early 1900's. It's said people would climb to the top and hang themselves.

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Sometime later during the 1960's, a man who owned a chunk of property out here killed his whole family, and then took his own life. It's rumored the ghosts of those who died here haunt the area to this day.

A quick Google search gives you some info on Dick road and the Holcomb Creek Train Trestle. - A website about the trestle run by railway enthusiasts, which includes a history of the trestle. While the site includes some details about the trestle, there is no mention of strange sightings, ghosts, or hauntings, etc. The owner of the website seems to be very familiar with the area.

https://www.facebook...DickRoadTrestle - A very vague Facebook page about the trestle on Dick Road. The owner of the page says that there have been "here have been reports of Strange/moaning sounds, things touching you, pains, cold spots, smoke/people/orbs in pictures, apparitions of a person walking towards you, and more." but does not go into any detail at all. There is a single story posted by the Facebook page owner and attributed to someone else and a single comment on the page saying that the trestle is "truly haunted". None of the photos he claims exist of orbs, smoke, people, etc. are posted there. Not that photos of orbs or smoke are evidence of anything paranormal, they're usually just dust, rain, mist, etc. being illuminated by camera flash.


Here are some of the interesting haunting claims I have come across.


submitted by Bloodworth via

After a long hard Friday at around 11 o'clock my mom drove me and my friend out to Dick Road. We decided to take a video of it. We go under the bridge and my mom announces that there is the noose on the video and we all go quiet.

At this time I for some reason close my eyes and on the video we hear coming from in front of my face a man's low voice saying "SHHHhhh" and after that my mom asks if we hear anything.

I videoed the whole time but watching the video it cut itself off right as we go under the bridge the second time, when I know I filmed for at least 30 seconds longer. And I also got the clouds being orange on video and am sure I recorded it. In the video it was black. Séance tonight. 


submitted by Rachel via

Me, my boyfriend, and our friend went to the bridge last night. As we were walking to the top of the bridge my boyfriend and our friend felt as if they were being choked.

We got a really weird feeling so decided to turn around and go back to the car. Once we started walking back it got really cold, you could see our breath and everything (it had been 85-90 degrees the whole week).

We got back to the road and stood under the bridge and heard breathing around us and we could see figures moving in the distance and under the bridge. We could hear things walking all around us but didn't see anything. and we even heard cars coming up the road, but when we would turn around the was no cars there.

before we left we heard something hit the bridge really hard. and our friend felt like he was being lifted off the ground, when he was standing right under the noose that hangs from the bridge. We were fucking freaked out so we left and as we drove away we realized that there was weird looking hand prints all over the car, inside and outside..


submitted by Bauhausfrau via reddit:

I'm from that area as well. I heard so many stories about the train trestles when I was in high school but never went because of something nearby that my friends called the Time Tunnels. I guess near the trestle is a cave that people would go and get lost in. The stories always scared me because it sounded like a group hallucination.

Out in that area is an abandoned house that my friends and I found that had kids bikes strung up in the trees. I have no idea if the house or the tree is still there, but my experience there scared me really badly. There's also a Pioneer Cemetery off of Helvetia Road (I'm pretty sure, bad with the road names since I haven't lived out there for 15 years) that I had a pretty significant experience at as well. Stay safe out there, Hillsboro has such a creepy vibe all over it. I have so many stories that I need to type up someday.


submitted by anonymous via

I feel like I should share my first and last experience of when I went to Dick Road. I had heard a few stories about how it was haunted and of course like most people didn't believe them.

The first time I had heard anything about it was almost a year and a half ago so back in October I decided to go with my three friends, one of them whom had been there twice before with some strange experiences. We went at about 10 o'clock so it wasn't too late. We went down the road which took a few minutes but just from driving down the dark road it felt omniscient and creepy with houses on both sides of the road with only a few lights on in the front yard of one or two houses.

When we arrived at the Trestle it was massive and honestly really amazing to see knowing it was one of the oldest in Oregon. I had been told by my friend about the rope and the apparent hangings in the past and when we drove under it there it was. We drove down the road which didn't have much to offer except a creepy old house off to the right which honestly was one of the scariest looking houses I have seen in my life but by no means did I think it was haunted.

We got to the end of the road and U-turned and sat there with our lights shining on the trestle and dared our friend to run down to it and back. He got to the end and faked like he had seen something and ran back. I was freaked out but he said it sounded like an animal. The house was to our right and it was cut off by a bar that wouldn't allow a car to go up it so we sat there. All my friends wanted to go up to the house but I was too scared to so we went down to the trestle.

When we got there we opened the sunroof to the car with the rope that was notorious for the apparent hangings sitting right above us. This is where the whole night got weird as hell and everything I am about to say is not bullshit. I was recording audio on my iPhone just for kicks and giggles to see if we could hear anything. After about a minute and a half of sitting there me and my friend heard what sounded like a girl moan. I listened to the recording and we both reacted at the exact same time and it's still engraved in my head it was the creepiest noise I had ever heard.

We asked our two other friends if they heard anything and they said they didn't but just knowing that I wasn't the only one who heard it gave the rumors of children being heard or at least something unexplainable credibility. After that two cars passed us and went down to the end of the road, we didn't think anything of it but while we were about 50 yards away from them we saw tons of people hop out of the cars. There was probably 10-12 people and they turned there cars off.

Now I don't want to say there was a voodoo ritual or anything going on but all the people we saw went under the bridge and stood in a circle with no flashlights or anything it was one of the scariest things I have ever seen and I know this all sounds like bullshit but I cannot make this up. All of a sudden we saw one of the cars turn on slowly coming at us. My friend had a flashlight that I brought with and it had an SOS mode where it flashed and we started flashing it at all of them and the person in the car driving. I screamed at my friend to drive and all of a sudden the car hauled ass and was going almost 30 and we started flouring.

I feel like there was something they didn't want us to see because the driver in the car almost rear ended us as we drove off. There is a four way intersection leading out of there and we booked it to the left up to the McDonalds that is there before going down the roads to there and I looked back and didn't see the car again. It sounds like security is a lot more tighter than normal now with all the vandalism and I know saying don't go there will make you want to go even more and all I can say is if you have not gone at least once GO. Just don't vandalize or do anything stupid. Oh and take a few friends it gets sketchy real fast.


submitted by bircher via reddit:

Hello /r/nosleep. This is my first post here. I've known of this subreddit for a while but never frequented it. I'm coming to you with a story of something that happened to me in real life.

I am a 17 year old high school senior who lives in Hillsboro, Oregon. Anyone who lives around that area may have heard of 'Dick Road'. Dick road is an old road to the north of Hillsboro that runs under a train trestle that is a little over 100 years old. The trestle was built in about 1905 or 1906. The exact date is debatable. Anyhow, Supposedly in the early 1900's a string of suicides happened at that bridge. People would climb to the top and hang themselves from the top. A little bit later in the 1960's, A man who owned a chunk of property out there killed his whole family then killed himself. The ghosts of those who died are rumored to haunt the area.

One night in late-January. I rounded up my friends and we were gonna go investigate to see if the rumors were true. There was four of us packed into my car. I slowly crept along the road with Depeche Mode playing over my cars radio. We crept over the hill and immediately we see the silhouette of the train trestle towering over the area. We parked my car about 80ft from the road that travels under the tracks. I took my Maglite and clicked it on. The powerful beam cut through the darkness like a hot knife through butter. I quickly illuminated the tracks with my light and thats when we saw a noose hanging from the trestle. We all joked around saying some kids had probably tied it up there as a joke. We piled into my car and drove up the road and explored a little bit before returning back to the trestle. We had been gone maybe 10 minutes. We got again and walked around the area of the trestle and thats when my friend said "Hey Josh! The noose is gone!". I quickly jerked my arm over and shined the light to where the noose was resting. It was gone. We all piled into my car and took off. We wouldn't return for a while.

About 2 weeks later we returned. This time we had two cars full of people. I had a three people in my civic and my friend Matt had four people(including him) in his Jetta. He was parked facing the bridge and I pulled up behind him. I needed to know what our plans for the evening were. I took my maglite from my glovebox and got out of my car and started walking to his. Thats when I heard children laughing. It was about 12:30am and I heard the echoing laughter from children echoing from the Forrest to my right hand side. I immediately shinned my maglite toward the trees in search for a sight. I saw nothing but the laughing continued. I ran to my friends car and banged on his window and told him what I heard. Everyone piled out of their cars and shinned the lights toward the direction the laughter came from. We never heard it again. To this day I have no clue what that sound was and I swear on my life that it was the laughter of little kids.

If anyone from Oregon is interested in this area. Message me and Ill give you exact directions to the location.

After reading some of these stories, this place has definitely got me curious. Have you been here? Do you plan on checking it out yourself? Feel free to hit the links to the forums for more stories. If you have any spooky places you'd like to share with us at TOL, feel free to do so.