New Food Cart Pod with Zero Alcohol Launches in Oregon, Just in Time For Spring

Hoss Talebi, founder of Redmond's latest family-friendly food cart hub, poses at the site of the new venture located at 122 SW 5th Street. (Photo by Joe Siess/Spokesman)

The Redmond Food Park has bloomed just in time for spring, offering a refreshing, alcohol-free gastronomic experience that's already garnering glowing reviews. This novel establishment has been successful in creating an environment that caters to families and encourages youth participation.

At the helm of this community-centric initiative is Hoss Talebi, a veteran in the dining industry and the owner of Dogs and Fries at Bend Municipal Airport. With his extensive experience dating back to 1998, Talebi has fulfilled his ambition of providing a "purely positive space for the community, where safety and joy take center stage, especially for the younger generation," according to a report by Central Oregon Daily News.

Now in full swing at 122 SW 5th Street, the Redmond Food Park has become a beacon of family-friendly fun and dining, absent of any alcoholic offerings. The park is proving that a non-alcoholic environment can draw a crowd eager for quality food and a safe, enjoyable atmosphere.

Dogs & Fries / Google

Although venturing into this alcohol-free zone was a calculated risk, Talebi's vision has paid off. He remains optimistic about this unique business model, buoyed by the community's robust support. "It was a path less traveled in the business world, but we're thrilled to see it resonate so well with our guests," Talebi has shared, echoing sentiments from the original Central Oregon Daily News piece.

The Redmond Food Park features a variety of food trucks serving up a world of flavors, from Mediterranean to Mexican, along with sweet treats like ice cream and coffee. Talebi has always been confident that the high caliber of these culinary delights would compensate for the lack of alcohol, believing that "It's all about the food park experience—not the spirits, but the flavors that bring people here."

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With five food carts already delighting patrons and room for a few more, the park is actively inviting other food vendors to join the successful lineup. Those interested are encouraged to make contact at [email protected].

Open now, the Redmond Food Park is enjoying the embrace of the community, proving to be the perfect spot to enjoy the spring weather and connect with loved ones over a meal that's making headlines for all the right reasons.