The Oregon Donut Shop That’s Been Serving Up Irresistible Treats Since 1983

The outside of Donut World. It looks like a red barn with metal siding and large windows.
Photo by Matthew Monroe via Google Local.

Let's talk about a hidden sweet gem nestled in Gresham, Oregon. This isn't just any ordinary bakery; it's Donut World, a cozy haven that's been serving up delectable treats since 1983. Affectionately known as the "Little Red Barn in Gresham," this locally-owned bakery shop is a delightful throwback to simpler times.

Donut World In Gresham, Oregon

Two kinds of donuts on display in the glass display case. One is chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, the other has shredded coconut on top.
Photo by Juyoung G. via Yelp.

Gresham is the charming city that Donut World calls home. Gresham, just minutes from the majestic Mount Hood, Multnomah Falls, and the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area, is more than just a suburb of Portland.

It's a vibrant, growing community with deep roots in homestead and agricultural heritage. Incorporated in 1905 and named after Walter Quintin Gresham, this city was first settled in 1851 and has since grown into a dynamic and innovative hub with a population of around 115,000.

In Gresham, there's a palpable sense of pride and a commitment to a bright, thriving future. It's a city that celebrates its past while eagerly embracing innovation and growth. And right in the heart of this bustling community is Donut World, a testament to Gresham's enduring charm and sweet simplicity.

Simple, Fresh, Delicious Donuts

Five kinds of delicious looking donuts on a plastic tray.
Photo by Genevieve K. via Yelp.

At Donut World, they have a straightforward philosophy: keep it simple, keep it fresh, and keep the customers coming back for more. And trust me, they've got the recipe down pat! Their classic donuts are made fresh throughout the day, ensuring every bite is as heavenly as the last. And the prices? Oh-so-reasonable, making your sweet indulgence a guilt-free pleasure.

Their cake donuts are a slice of heaven, with flavors like cinnamon sugar, maple old fashioned, blueberry cake, cherry cake, and apple cinnamon cake. Each one is a perfect blend of soft, cakey goodness and mouth-watering flavors.

Over a dozen kinds of donuts on display in a glass display case.
Photo by Jenna M. via Yelp.

Their raised donuts are nothing short of spectacular. Picture biting into a glazed, coconut cream, or lemon-filled donut – pure bliss!

And for those who like their treats extra special, Donut World's apple fritters, cherry fritters, cinnamon rolls, bacon maple bars, and apple bear claws are the stuff of legends. Each one is a masterpiece, combining classic flavors and textures in a way that only Donut World can.

Five kinds of donuts on display in the glass display case. The one closest to the case is powdered sugar.
Photo by Juyoung G. via Yelp.

But let's not forget the drinks! Whether you're a coffee aficionado, a smoothie enthusiast, or somewhere in between, they've got you covered. From espressos to juices, milk, and smoothies, there's a perfect beverage to complement your donut delight.

This isn't just a bakery; it's a delightful experience wrapped in the aroma of fresh donuts and the warmth of community.

Donut World, Gresham, Oregon Information

Old fashioned glazed donuts.
Photo by Chase M. via Yelp.
  • Location: 720 NE Burnside Rd in Gresham, Oregon.
  • Phone: (503) 665-3791
  • Get more information on the Donut World website.

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A clear plastic container with a lid full of donut holes. There appears to be three kinds inside the box: cinnamon, powdered sugar, and chocolate.
Photo by Thay V. via Yelp.

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