For Over 70 Years, This Walk-Up Frozen Custard Stand Has Been A Local Oregon Coast Favorite

The outside of Custard King.
Photo by Vanessa Hake via Google Local.

Ah, Astoria! This quaint Oregon town isn't just about its picturesque landscapes and historical marvels; it's also home to a gem that's been tickling the taste buds of locals and visitors alike since 1951. Welcome to Custard King, the classic walk-up frozen custard stand that's a must-visit whenever you're in town and looking for a sweet treat or tasty bite to eat.

The Custard King In Astoria, Oregon

An old black and white photo of the exterior of Custard King.
Photo via the Custard King Facebook page.

So, what's cooking at Custard King? Let's dive into their drool-worthy menu, which has a delightful blend of classic American comfort food and some unique twists that keep everyone coming back for more.

A delicious looking meat sub with lettuce and dressing drizzled over top in a red basket with a black and white checkered paper, fries, and a container of fry sauce.
Photo via the Custard King Facebook page.

First up, the Philly Cheesesteak. This isn't just any cheesesteak; it's a heavenly concoction of peppers, onions, a mix of Swiss and American cheese, all topped off with a creamy horseradish sauce. And let's not forget the side of fries with their signature fry sauce – it's the stuff of legends!

A creamy frozen drink with white custard on top.
Photo via the Custard King Facebook page.

Chicken strips, tacos, and the fish burger are also crowd favorites. The fish burger, especially, is a treat with its crispy fried cod nestled in a pub bun, layered with house tartar, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and onion. And yes, it comes with those irresistible fries and fry sauce too.

A delicious cheeseburger and fries.
Photo via the Custard King Facebook page.

For burger enthusiasts, Custard King is nothing short of paradise. Their Bacon Cheeseburger with rich Tillamook cheddar and crispy bacon is a classic done right. Then there's the King Burger with double patties and double cheese, the Mushroom Havarti Burger with perfectly grilled mushrooms, and the Black & Blue Burger with a Cajun kick, bacon, and blue cheese. Each burger is a testament to Custard King's commitment to old-school, delicious, and utterly satisfying eats.

Frozen Delights At The Custard King In Astoria

A photo of the exterior of Custard King.
Photo via the Custard King Facebook page.

Now, let's talk custard – after all, their frozen vanilla custard is the star of the show.

A delicious frozen custard with cookies crumbled on top.
Photo by Kingsley R. via Yelp.

You can enjoy it in a cup or go for the full experience with a waffle cone. Want to take it up a notch? Get it dipped in chocolate or cherry coating. And toppings?

A delicious frozen custard with chocolate dip and red berries.
Photo by Sarah C. via Yelp.

They've got you covered with options ranging from blueberry to lemon curd, hot fudge, peanut butter sauce, and even gummy bears for the adventurous souls, just to name a few!

A delicious frozen custard with chocolate dip and red berries.
Photo by Sarah C. via Yelp.

Custard King is not just about great food; it's an experience. The fresh food, the friendly staff, and the nostalgia of a classic walk up stand make it a happy place for many. Sure, there might be a line on a sunny day, but it's absolutely worth the wait!

Outdoor seating at Custard King. It's wooden picnic benches under blue and white striped unbrellas.
Photo by Alan Blangy via Google Local.

Remember, Custard King only has outdoor seating available, so plan to take your food home on a rainy day. When the weather is good, it's the perfect spot to wind down after a day of hiking or beach fun.

A delicious frozen custard in a cone, held up in front of the neon red Custard King sign at night. The sign is glowing red.
Photo by Burma S. via Yelp.

This stand has stood the test of time and has become an integral part of Astoria's charm.

Custard King Astoria, Oregon Information

A delicious looking meal.
Photo via the Custard King Facebook page.
  • Location: 1597 Commercial St, Astoria, OR, United States, Oregon
  • Phone: (503) 741-3433
  • Hours:
    • Monday: 12 PM - 6 PM
    • Tuesday and Wednesday: Closed
    • Thursday: 12 PM - 6 PM
    • Friday-Saturday: 12 PM - 7 PM
    • Sunday: 12 PM - 6 PM
A delicious frozen custard with berries held up in front of the Custard King walk up stand.
Photo by Nisheet G. via Yelp.

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