Locals Can’t Get Enough Of The Homemade Pies At This Native-Owned Oregon Restaurant

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A short distance from the Indian Head Casino, situated on the Confederated Tribes of Warm Springs reservation, you'll find the Native-owned Eagle Crossing Restaurant in Warm Springs. This eatery is recognized for its walls adorned with vintage newspaper articles and its display of abundant pie slices, boasting seasonal tastes such as pumpkin, huckleberry, cherry, and peach.

Breakfast Bliss - Pancakes, Burritos, And More

Huckleberry pancakes with a fried egg on top.
Huckleberry cakes. Photo by John M. via Yelp.

Eagle Crossing is a breakfast haven, and if you haven't tried their huckleberry pancakes, you're missing out on a slice of huckleberry bliss. These fluffy delights are a local favorite, boasting the perfect balance of sweet and tart. The strawberry pancakes are also delicious and just as satisfying!

The Denver omelet.
Denver omelet. Photo by Jen A. via Yelp.

But pancakes are just the beginning of Eagle Crossing's breakfast extravaganza. The menu is a breakfast lover's dream, featuring everything from huge breakfast burritos to a plethora of eggs-and-meat combinations that will kickstart your day with a flavor explosion. Whether you're craving sirloin steak, chicken fried steak with gravy and eggs, corned beef hash or simple oatmeal and toast, they've got you covered with warm delicious comfort food to start your day!

A Netflix Connection

The brown sign outside of Eagle crossing restaurant. It has a blue border.
Photo by Ben D. via Yelp.

Eagle Crossing isn't just a haven for food enthusiasts; it also caught the eye of Hollywood. Some scenes from the second season of the Netflix thriller series The OA, starring the talented Jason Isaacs, were filmed right here (check out season 2 episode 6). Imagine savoring your meal in a setting that played a role in one of your favorite shows—it's a dining experience with a touch of glamour.

Mouthwatering Masterpieces - Burgers and Indian Tacos

A colorful plate of food.
Photo via the Eagle Crossing Restaurant Facebook page.

For lunch, Eagle Crossing offers a variety of savory options, including Elk Burgers made from top-quality USDA elk meat. The flavors are bold, and each bite is a celebration of the local fare. If you're feeling adventurous, try the Indian Burger, a half-pound masterpiece sandwiched between two pieces of fry bread. It's a unique twist that adds a delightful crunch to your burger experience.

Indian fry bread.
Photo via the Eagle Crossing Restaurant Facebook page.

And let's not forget the Indian Tacos—chili, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, onions, and black olives piled high on Indian Fry bread, served with salsa and sour cream. It's a fusion of flavors that will transport your taste buds to new heights.

Dessert Delights - Pies and Rolls

Bright red cherry pie on a white plate.
Cherry pie. Photo by Yuri S. via Yelp.

No visit to Eagle Crossing is complete without indulging in their delectable desserts.

Slices of apple pie.
Photo via the Eagle Crossing Restaurant Facebook page.

From classic huckleberry pie to pumpkin, apple, cherry, and peach pies, each slice is a melt in your mouth adventure in flavor.

Slices of pie.
Photo via the Eagle Crossing Restaurant Facebook page.

And if you have room for more, their Cinnamon Rolls are the perfect sweet ending to your meal!

A delicious looking cinnamon roll.
Cinnamon Roll. Photo by Melanie T via Yelp.

Eagle Crossing Restaurant Information

The interior of Eagle Crossing restaurant.
Photo by Angela F. via Yelp.
  • Location: 2198 Highway 26 in Warm Springs, Oregon
  • Hours: Monday - Sunday 7 AM - 10 PM
  • Get more information on their official Facebook page.
Photos of the Eagle Crossing menu.
Photo via the Eagle Crossing Restaurant Facebook page.

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Eagle Crossing Restaurant stands as a shining example among the numerous local businesses fostering positive change in Oregon. If you’ve got a favorite spot or business in mind, don’t hesitate to nominate them—they might just be highlighted in an upcoming feature for That Oregon Life. Be sure to stay connected with That Oregon Life on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the most remarkable destinations, attractions, and happenings in the Beaver State.

Pumpkin rolls.
Pumpkin rolls. Photo via the Eagle Crossing Restaurant Facebook page.

Have you stopped by Eagle Crossing Restaurant? What's your favorite dish to get? What type of mouth watering pie would you like to try when you go? Let us know and tag the friends and family you'd like to go with!

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