Lincoln City Invites You to a Glass Float Extravaganza This Labor Day

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Events, News, Oregon Coast, Travel

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Ready to chase some magic on the beach? Lincoln City, Oregon is buzzing with anticipation for an unforgettable Labor Day weekend! Dive into the exhilarating Glass Float Extravaganza from Saturday, September 2, to Monday, September 4.

Prepare for an exceptional treasure hunt, as Lincoln City amplifies its beloved Finders Keepers tradition. This time, 40 additional vibrant glass floats will be strategically placed for adventurers to discover!

Can you guess the theme? College spirit is in the air! Half of the floats, sporting green and yellow, salute the University of Oregon, while the other 20, donned in orange and black, cheer for Oregon State University. A hearty shoutout to Studio West in Eugene, OR, the masterminds behind these exquisite handcrafted marvels.

Stay alert! Floats are dispersed at varying times throughout the day. Keep a keen eye anywhere on dry land—from the dunes, beneath cliffs, to the vicinity of logs and rocks. But remember, all floats are positioned above the tide line and just shy of embankments.

Rain or shine, Lincoln City is committed to the fun. Yet, safety is paramount. On days with challenging ocean conditions or unpleasant weather, float drops might pause. For any updates or cancellations, stay tuned to their official social media platforms and website.

Still craving more? Lincoln City has an exciting lineup:

  • Patriotic Fest: September 13-16 brings 50 additional red, white, and blue floats.
  • Autumn Kite Gala: Spot 10 special glass floats on September 23 and 24.
  • Spooky Spectacle: From October 28-31, find 50 unique glow-in-the-dark floats celebrating Halloween.

A few ground rules:

  • Every household is entitled to just one treasure annually.
  • Already found a float this year? Snap a memory and then step back, allowing another seeker their moment of joy.
  • Always tread lightly. Respect Lincoln City's delicate ecosystem.
  • Found a float? Fantastic! Follow its instructions to register your gleaming prize. Await your Certificate of Authenticity and learn about the talented artist behind your find. Hit the link here to read more about this on their official website.

Here's to an exhilarating hunt and memories that last forever. Dive in and good luck!

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Written By Tyler James

Tyler James, founder of That Oregon Life, is a true Oregon native whose love for his state runs deep. Since the inception of the blog in 2013, his unbridled passion for outdoor adventures and the natural beauty of Oregon has been the cornerstone of his work. As a father to two beautiful children, Tyler is always in pursuit of new experiences to enrich his family’s life. He curates content that not only reflects his adventures but also encourages others to set out and create precious memories in the majestic landscapes of Oregon. Tyler's vision and guidance are integral to his role as publisher and editor, shaping the blog into a source of inspiration for exploring the wonders of Oregon.

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