More Than 50 Earthquakes Strike Off Oregon Coast, No Threat of Tsunami

While such a cluster of quakes is exciting, experts say there's nothing to worry about as quakes in this area won't affect the mainland.

Earthquakes map in Pacific Ocean Oregon Coast December 2021
Recent earthquakes off the coast of Oregon. Photo of map via USGS website.

About 200 miles west of the Oregon coast lies the Blanco Fracture Zone, which is a hotbed of earthquake activity. In the last 24 hours around 50 earthquakes have taken place along the Blanco Fracture Zone, two of them with a magnitude of 5.8.

According to researchers, the Blanco Fracture Zone poses little threat to people, despite being very active.

Map of 50 earthquakes on Blanco Fracture Zone December 2021.
50 Earthquakes Off Oregon Coast. Photo of map via USGS website.

Because this area has a young crust, the crust is more likely to crumble than it is to send seismic waves to Oregon, which is why scientists say earthquakes in this area don't cause tsunamis or quakes inland.

You can check out an updated map of earthquakes in Oregon and off the Oregon coast here.  The map updates every time there's new information to be added to it.

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