Walk Through This Central Oregon Forest Cast In Lava

An easy paved trail will take you through Oregon's geologic history!

Lava Cast Forest Oregon
The Lava Cast Forest Trail is an easy .9 mile loop. Photo by Rick Obst via Flickr CC2.

Thousands of years ago molten lava poured over a forest in central Oregon, surrounding the trees and then hardening.

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Lava burned through the trees and hardened around the bark to form casts.
Photo by Tjflex2 via Flickr CC2.

The lava burned through the wood and created these amazing lava casts which can still be seen today to remember the majestic forest that once stood here.

Photo by Tjflex2 via Flickr CC2.

You can walk an easy .9 mile loop and read interpretive signs along the way to learn about the geologic history of this unique forest.

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Photo by Rick Obst via Fickr CC2.

There are picnic tables and vault toilets. The site is open from May to September and a recreation pass is required to park.

Have you been to the Lava Cast Forest in Central Oregon?

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Photo by TJflex2 via Flickr CC2.

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