This Extreme Adventure Video Will Make You Fall in Love With Oregon

Screengrab courtesy of michael kerkering / Youtube

Michael Kerkering, an Oregonian with an adventurous spirit, a friend and incredible videographer, has done it again. From the roaring waterfalls to the tallest mountain peaks and the beautiful beaches of Oregon, Kerkering captures some of the most incredible views imaginable in this 6-minute video, set to a badass soundtrack.

In case you needed a reminder of how incredible Oregon is, from the extreme bridge jumping to the footage of the outdoor lifestyle we all love here in the northwest, this video captures the essence of the magnificent beauty our home offers.

For maximum effect, make sure and blow this one up on whatever device you are streaming from.

Oregon – there’s truly no place on Earth I’d rather call home. If you loved this video, make sure to comment below and also hit the link here to see another video showcasing Oregon from Kerkering, which we featured in the past.

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