Now you can order your Christmas tree through Amazon

Tim Vrtiska / Flickr

Well so much for the family tradition of going out and cutting down your own Christmas tree, now you can just have your tree delivered right to your doorstep – minus the delivery charge. And who else would do this online? Amazon of course.

According to Engadget, Douglas firs, Norfolk Island pines, and Frasier firs will all be eligible for Prime free shipping. Who wants to bet a high percentage of these trees will be coming straight from Oregon?

Last year trees that were less than three feet tall apparently were sold on Amazon, and merchants sold full-size trees through the mega shopping platform as well. But according to the article, this is the first year Amazon itself will sell full-size, seven-foot-tall trees. A Fraser fir, for example, will set you back around $115 and Amazon will also offer wreaths and garlands.

Call me old fashion, but I will stick to going out with the fam and picking my own. I am, after all, an Oregonian surrounded by trees.

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