Hunter kills Bigfoot on Oregon Coast, lures into cave

The Manzanita Oregon Cave, where Bigfoot is currently hanging (David Wiley via Flickr)

Last updated on November 13th, 2017 at 08:44 am

MANZANITA, OR — George Henderson is a self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter and has killed a real Bigfoot in Oregon. According to Henderson, this isn’t the first Bigfoot he has caught and killed either.

Although we have not confirmed details, we are not surprised to learn the news as the Beaver State is home to the most Bigfoot sightings in the country. Our team at That Oregon Life is currently in transit from Portland, Eugene, and Salem to Manzanita, Oregon, to investigate for ourselves. Hopefully, we can uncover the truth to this story and get a piece of the action before the FBI takes over.

“Some may find this unbelievable but the truth is Bigfoot is a huge problem,” he wrote online. “I know this post will cause some backlash from the Bigfoot skeptics, but by putting the truth out there and not hiding we can educate some folks. The reality is Bigfoot has been right under our nose this whole time, kidnapping our most beautiful women — luring the unsuspecting ladies off hiking trails everywhere with their irresistible scent of rotten fish and fresh, steaming horse shit. According to Henderson, Bigfoot prefers to hold his women hostage in caves.

George Henderson with a feral hog he hunted and killed. (Courtesy of George Henderson)

In an interview, Henderson said he sets up traps near his home in Wild Rose, a small town in central Wisconsin, to catch raccoons and other small animals to sell on the fur market. But sometimes, he said, he inadvertently catches Bigfoot.

Those are the beasts he shoots and kills.

“I take the opportunity to remove them,” Henderson said, adding that he gets “no enjoyment out of killing a Bigfoot. It sucks, Bigfoot is actually an OK dude once you get to know him. He especially loves women in Oregon, and the Beaver State’s fine selection of microbreweries.”

Or so he says. Henderson, who claims to have killed 10 creatures last year in the United States, plans on taking them on tour around the world, charging $100 for people to see it.

Bigfoot after being captured, hanging in the Manzanita Oregon Cave.

Henderson reportedly kills them with classic hunting techniques. After hearing of a hairy beast on the Oregon Coast, Henderson bought ribs from a local Walmart and hung them in the cave. According to Henderson, the Bigfoot was lured into the cave, and he was able to chase and hang the creature. Shortly thereafter, Bigfoot reportedly was able to escape from the cave, where Henderson finished him off with an AR15 as Bigfoot ran on the Manzanita Beach.

“I shot it, and now I’m proving it to the world. Bigfoot is real and he’s a bad mother trucker,” Henderson told That Oregon Life.

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  1. I have my own story of something in the woods in the mountains near Wenatchee, circa summertime,1972. So I’m not super cynical about the possibility of Bigfoot, esp with numerous native American stories going back hundreds of years. But this doesn’t ring true to me. I’m skeptical of the picture: The face looks like a mask with eyes peering through the holes fort one thing, and the hairless belly for another. Does anybody really think that thin little rope would hold the weight of something that size without breaking? I don’t. And why would you leave him hanging in a cave? Why not drag him to your vehicle, haul him into town, and photograph him with all the people gawking at him? Too easy for your “proof” to disappear this way. Then to top it all off, you’re going to take people on a “round the world tour and only charge $100??? C’mon now!!!
    What smells foul is his story. I’m just sayin. If I had done this, I’d find some way to collaborate the find by other witnesses.
    The only thing he killed was his credibility.

      • Shawn-
        Maybe, but I would expect something as big as Bigfoot could weigh substantially more than that. A silverback gorilla weighs in at 450 lbs, according to a Dr in Seattle that just operated on one. Bigfoot would be twice that tall and probably twice that weight.
        You’re right though, it doesn’t really matter. The story still sounds like bravo sierra!

        • yes but keep in mind the center mass of a gorilla I mean they dont have long legs and their the same circumference all the way frim neck down and jam pack dense as can be with muscle. a big foot based on reported sightings is pretty much a tall hairy man in build, slender but strong. I would put him at about 325 that is based on my 6 foot 9 inch tall friend who sports the genetic 6 pack build works loading planes and can carry 220 under one arm. I know cause that’s what I weigh and I was mid air over a table fixing to break someones jaw and he picked me out of mid flight like a football and walked outside with me

          now the arctic Yetti thats a different story

        • I watch a video on YouTube and a guy was doing an audio commentary and he was reading from a witness report from a 19 year old girl who reported seeing a giant female. The giant was the height of 7 foot 5 inches (that’s the height of your NBA Basketballers!), was hunched over slightly, smelt stronger than a spetic tank/rotten flesh?, was curious rather than violent, had piercing eyes that are oval-like in shape, had a flat nose, not lots of fur, had breasts (creature supposedly female), had a obligated head, had no eyebrows and small but flat ears. This sounds more like the right type of creature from the video I’m on about (forgot the link!), but I’m currently thinking while typing that apparently we have a missing human evolution link in our origins which seems to be similar in nature but missed being recorded due to the migration period during the near end of the Ice Age. What if Bigfoot/Sasquatch is truly our missing link? The guy on the video mentioned Myrtle Point, Oregon. I hope that helps. Also I found this image and a link to an article in my country’s (Old England) Daily Express newspaper. Link:

  2. After reading this “no enjoyment out of killing a Bigfoot. It sucks, Bigfoot is actually an OK dude once you get to know him. He especially loves women in Oregon, and the Beaver State’s fine selection of microbreweries.” you didn’t get this was a joke… what the fuck is a matter with you people. by the way if you send me $99.99 via PayPal I will send you a real bigfoot map with a 100% money back guarantee if it doesn’t lead you straight to at least 3 bigfoots

  3. This guy seems to have a screw or two MISSING! Most states that have had BF sightings and actually don’t know for sure if there are any, but most of them have passed laws about trapping, shooting or killing them. Leave them alone, they don’t need help. civlized man needs help….

  4. That picture is of a real woman, a real woman who was raped and murdered, and left on the beach naked. Satire is great, but do you have to use the actual pain suffering and tragedy of others to get it across. Imagine her poor family coming across this Tyler. I enjoy your writing a lot, but maybe lose the photo. It’s nothing to laugh about.