Oregon Eyes 20% Tax On Retail Marijuana, While Colorado Cuts Marijuana Tax

Marijuana States of America

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Marijuana States of America
Marijuana States of America


Surprise surprise. We have some good news for everyone selling weed on the black market. According to KEZI, The Oregon Legislature may impose up to a 20% sales tax on retail sales of marijuana once it becomes available to consumers.

From KEZI:

Proposed amendments to a bill (HB 2041) allowing localities to prohibit marijuana facilities within 1,000 feet of schools would impose a 17 percent state tax on retail sales of marijuana products, from buds to candies.

The sales taxes would take the place of taxes imposed on growers under the original terms of Measure 91.

Medical marijuana patients would not be charged the tax.

Today a report came out from Forbes, which shows Colorado is lowering the tax from 10% to 8%, expected to be effective in July of 2017 – as an attempt to cut into Colorado’s black market.

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