Chase Down This Eugene Food Truck For The Best Tacos You’ve Ever Tasted

by | May 22, 2024 | Food & Drink, Restaurants

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In West Eugene, on the corner of Echo Hollow Road and Barger Drive and next to four other carts, lies a bright orange food truck that serves some of the best, most authentic, homemade Mexican food you can find in town. Eva’s Taqueria used to have a location in Springfield as well, but that location closed down a couple months ago, so now the only place you can get this awesome food is Eugene. 

taco plate
taco plate, Eva's Taqueria Yelp

Here you’ll get super friendly, quick service along with generous portions. The incredibly nice family who runs Eva’s is from Mexico and they love chatting with their customers. They’re also very accommodating to dietary restrictions, so you can always let them know your needs and they’re sure to come up with something you’ll love. 

Supreme nachos
Supreme nachos, Eva's Taqueria Yelp

The menu consists of your standard Mexican food truck fare, but everything here is done so well you’ll be rushing to tell your friends all about it. Regular customers love everything here but especially praise the tacos which you can get with homemade corn tortillas (they cost an extra dollar but are so worth it!). You can taste the quality and know that everything is made by hand here and all their meats are perfectly seasoned.

mangonada, Stephanie M. Yelp

They also sell incredible tortas you can get with your choice of protein: steak, pork, chorizo and are then topped with mayonnaise, beans, lettuce, onions, tomato, and peppers. Or, try their crispy gorditas crafted with handmade corn tortillas and topped with your choice of meat, beans, sour cream, lettuce and cheese. You can also get hearty burritos like the burrito al pastor filled with marinated pork with onions, cilantro and rice and beans or the delicious chorizo breakfast burrito. And as if that wasn’t enough, they’ll occasionally offer mouthwatering antojitos (street food) specials like duros, sabritas, and esquites. 

pastor tacos
pastor tacos, Eva's Taqueria Google Local

To drink, grab a cup of the best horchata in town to sip on as you wait for your order, but it’s so good you may just finish it before you get your food! Or you can indulge in a delicious cup of frozen mangonada made with fresh mangoes, lime juice, chamoy, and served with a tamarind straw for the perfect balance of sweet, spicy, and tangy to make your tastebuds dance.  

torta, Eva's Taqueria Yelp

The cart is open Tuesday through Saturday but be forewarned that it can get packed during lunch as it serves the day-time work crowd and the throngs of juniors and seniors coming in From Willamette High School. They even have a couple picnic tables in front of the truck with a tent over them so you can sit and eat there even if it’s raining a little. 

For fresh and made-to-order Mexican food, you’d be hard pressed to find a more authentic place than Eva’s. The motto at Eva’s is “panza llena corazon contento” (full stomach, happy heart), and we’re sure you’ll leave with both.

Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 11:00am - 6:00pm, closed Sunday and Monday

Address: 4190 Barger Dr., Eugene
Phone: (541) 337-3474

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