Wolverine Spotted In Eugene – May Be Same Animal Recently Spotted On Coast

A wolverine at a zoo.
A wolverine. Photo by zoofanatic via Flickr CC2.

Recently a string of wolverine sightings in Oregon has people interested in this carnivorous animal and asking if it's the same animal being spotted over and over again, or if each sighting is of a different creature.

String Of Recent Wolverine Sightings In Oregon

A wolverine at a zoo.
Photo by Mats Lindh via Flickr CC2.

Back in February of 2024, a wolverine was spotted 20 miles south of Portland running across an empty lot near a busy road. Later in March 2024, there were three sightings of a wolverine on the Oregon coast in Newport, Netarts and Nehalem. The newest sighting happened in Eugene in early April 2024 where a wolverine was spotted running down the road.

In Oregon, Wolverines are typically found in high elevations with a lot of snowpack. A previous wolverine sighting in 2023 was the first time a wolverine had been spotted in Oregon outside of the Wallowa Mountains in 30 years.

A wolverine at a zoo.
Photo by Gustav Bergman via Flickr CC2.

Wolverines in Alaska can have a territory of up to 380 square miles, and have been documented to travel up to 40 miles in a day. While Wolverines in Oregon have been found in the Wallowa Mountains, Eagle Cap Wilderness, Broken Top Mountain, the Steens Mountains and Three Fingered Jack, knowing how far they can travel and how far their territory can extend helps to make sense of why they're being spotted in the Willamette Valley and on the coast.

The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife believes that a single wolverine could be responsible for all of the recent sightings.

Wolverines and badgers, sometimes confused with each other as they look similar, are both from the Mustelidae family. Wolverines are currently listed as threatened on Oregon's endangered species list.

Sightings of these creatures are uncommon, especially in low lying populated areas, since they're typically active at night and live in high alpine regions. If you think you've spotted a wolverine in a populated area, report it to the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife. Do not attempt to approach the animal as it could cause the animal stress.

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