Snow Coming to Oregon Next Week, So Get Your Sun Fix While You Can

oregon, snow forecast, mountains, willamette valley, 2024
Snow captured north of Forest Grove / Washington County Sherrif

According to the Statesman Journal, this week we should take advantage of Oregon's sunny days while they last.

Next week, the mild spring weather will give way to chilly rainfall and potential snow flurries in the Willamette Valley, with the mountains expecting significant snow accumulation.

Mountain travel may become difficult as forecasts predict 2 to 4 feet of snow above 1,500 feet.

Is any snow expected in the Willamette Valley?

In the Willamette Valley's highest areas, there's a slight chance for sleet or a light dusting of snow. The most probable period for this mix of winter weather is from Monday afternoon to Tuesday, though significant effects are unlikely.

"In the valley, we might see some soft hail or a few wet snowflakes, but rain is anticipated to be the primary form of precipitation," said Clinton Rockey, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

oregon, snow forecast, mountains, willamette valley, 2024

Which days will be the worst for mountain travel?

From Sunday afternoon to Monday afternoon, a winter storm watch will be in effect for the Cascade and Coast Range mountains. Snow accumulations of 5-12 inches are expected above 2,000 feet, with 10-19 inches forecasted above 2,500 feet. Wind gusts could reach 50 mph.

"Travel could become significantly difficult. The gusty winds might knock down tree limbs," the NWS warned.

Expect light snowfall throughout the week until a heavier wave of snow likely hits between Wednesday and Thursday, as per Rockey. This could lead to more travel challenges.

oregon, snow forecast, mountains, willamette valley, 2024