Oregon State Police Seize Alligator From Springfield Homeowner

by | Feb 20, 2024 | Featured, News

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In the past six years, Oregon State Police have come across quite a few alligators in Oregon being kept as pets. Recently they seized an alligator that had been kept as a pet for 13 years in Springfield, Oregon.

In Oregon, there are many types of animals that are prohibited by law to keep as a pet or be in possession of (except in special circumstances), and alligators fall into that category. The seized alligator was transported to a permitted rehabilitation facility where it will be well cared for and looked after.

According to a post made by Oregon State Police on Instagram, the homeowner recently learned that alligators are illegal to keep as pets in Oregon.

Not sure what kinds of animals you can legally have as pets in Oregon? We grabbed the link to the law so you can check it out for yourself: ORS 609.305. Violation for not having a permit for what Oregon law considers to be an exotic animal is a class B misdemeanor.

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Written By Jessica Tomlinson

Jessica Tomlinson is a native Oregonian currently living in Southern Oregon. She has been blogging since 2006. She loves nature, photography, hiking, camping, and exploring Oregon's wilds.

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