New Small Town Saturday Market in Oregon Kicks Off As Warmer Weather Sets In

Nestled on the picturesque banks of the river, the charming town of Walterville, Oregon, eagerly awaits the arrival of a much-anticipated event that promises to kick off the season in style.

The Walterville Saturday Market is set to be an exceptional showcase of the town's remarkable talent, featuring a diverse array of local artisans, crafters, and farmers. This exciting initiative aims to create a platform for the community to come together, celebrate their skills, and foster a sense of camaraderie among residents and visitors alike.

walterville saturday market

The brainchild of passionate locals, the Walterville Saturday Market has been a long time in the making. Residents have eagerly awaited the day when their vision for a market that embraces the town's unique character and abundant resources would finally come to fruition. With the inaugural event now on the horizon, anticipation is reaching fever pitch, as the market is poised to become an integral part of the town's identity.

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walterville saturday market

Rain or shine, the Walterville Saturday Market will be open every Saturday until October, providing a consistent opportunity for both vendors and attendees to come together. The location for this exciting affair is a picturesque farm, nestled in the heart of Walterville.

walterville saturday market

When planning your visit, be sure to wear comfortable shoes and keep an eye out for the signs that will guide you to the event. For detailed directions, a quick search for "Jelly Jady Lane" on Google Maps will point you in the right direction. It's worth noting that the market shares land with Curran's Taxidermy, adding a unique touch to the venue.

walterville saturday market

The Walterville Saturday Market is more than just a market; it represents the hopes and dreams of a community dedicated to fostering a thriving local economy and preserving the town's heritage.

The event is set to feature a wide range of offerings, including fresh produce from local farmers, handcrafted goods from talented artisans, and even a vibrant swap meet. This multi-faceted approach ensures there will be something for everyone, making it an ideal destination for families, friends, and visitors of all ages.

walterville saturday market

In addition to providing a platform for local vendors to showcase their skills and products, the Walterville Saturday Market serves a higher purpose. By supporting this event, attendees contribute to the growth and development of the community as a whole. The market serves as a catalyst for economic opportunities, enabling small businesses to thrive and helping the town as a whole flourish.

walterville saturday market

As you eagerly await the arrival of the Walterville Saturday Market, mark your calendars and spread the word to friends and family. Join the vibrant community of Walterville in celebrating the launch of this much-anticipated event and be a part of the growth and transformation that this market will undoubtedly bring. Together, let's create lasting memories, forge new connections, and build a brighter future for Walterville and its residents.

WHEN: Every Saturday 10am - 4pm

WHERE: 39841 Mckenzie Hwy Springfield, Oregon 97478

Google map “Jelly Jady Lane” for directions!

Contact Tina Matula on Facebook or by phone at 541-220-6137 to inquire about vendors opportunities!

walterville saturday market
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