Landslide Near Astoria Oregon, U.S. 30 Still Closed

1,800 cubic yards of debris came crashing down on US 30 Tuesday night. The road is still closed.

A landslide being removed by ODOT crews.
Photo via Oregon Department Of Transportation Facebook Page.

On Tuesday November 29th, 2022 rain and strong winds made rock and mud come crashing down a mountainside and onto U.S. 30 near Astoria, Oregon. This is a major road between Portland and Astoria, which is now closed so crews can remove the 1,800 cubic yards of debris. The landslide happened around milepost 74 about 20 miles east of Astoria.

A landslide on the road on US 30 being removed by ODOT crews with the twisted remains of a semi in the debris field.
Photo via ODOT Facebook page.

Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) expected to have the road open again by Friday December 2nd, 2022, but as of Saturday December 3rd, 2022 is still reporting U.S. 30 closed from mile post 72-76 due to the landslide. Travelers must use an alternate route.

A landslide on the road on US 30 being removed by ODOT crews.
Photo via ODOT Facebook page.

There was a semi truck caught in the landslide when it happened. The truck driver is reported to be ok, and the truck has been removed from the 110 foot long debris field of the landslide.

The affected section of U.S. 30 can't open again until the debris is removed, and until two very large sections of hillside are removed as well. A Geologist found two other large sections of hillside on the verge of sliding that must be removed as they pose a danger to drivers.

ODOT is advising that people use U.S. 26 or OR 47 while U.S. 30 is closed. Do not use your GPS to travel on less developed roads.

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