Stuck Inside? Take A Virtual Oregon Nature Tour With Us

Do you want to know what it's like to take a walk at Crater Lake? What about to roam with antelope? Here are the best relaxing Oregon nature videos.

Oregon Coast
Foggy coastal woods near Florence Oregon. Photo by Bo Nielsen via Flickr CC2.

Nature is a vital part of many people's lives, which makes it difficult when stuck inside because of bad weather, social distancing, or just because you've been too busy to get out. We've compiled some of our favorite relaxing short videos that show off the best of Oregon's natural beauty and wildlife to tide you over until you can get outside again.

Crater Lake Virtual Walk (no music)

Oregon Water

An Oregon Aerial Journey

Have A Seat And Enjoy A Moment At Samuel H. Boardman State Park (no music)

Enjoy Wildlife At The Hart Mountain National Wildlife Refuge

Relax For A Few Minutes At Diamond Lake In The Cascade Mountains (no music)

Enjoy A Quiet Trip Into The Remote Oregon Wilderness (no music)

Fall Foliage And Rivers Around Bend

Which place are you looking forward to going to the most? Let us know in a comment, and share your favorite Oregon nature videos with us.