The Cowboy Dinner Tree In Oregon Offers An Unforgettable Experience

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The other day I was talking with a friend about different things to blog about when she mentioned a restaurant in Oregon that had my mouth salivating immediately. She spoke of the unique experience here, and the incredible ranch-style food they offer. It's known as the Cowboy Dinner Tree, and there is nowhere else in Oregon quite like it. At first glance, some may not even recognize this cozy shack is a place to eat!

cowboy dinner tree
Loren Kerns / Flickr

History of Cowboy Dinner Tree

You will find this truly unique restaurant in the outback community of Silver Lake, just 90 minutes southeast of Bend. The rich history of the Cowboy Dinner Tree is also pretty amazing. Long before it was a place to dine, it was a homestead built sometime in the late 1800s.

Hotswap / Google Local

The building was later used for storage, and it wasn't until 1992 that it became a restaurant. The current owners, Jamie and Angel Roscoe, took over the place a few years ago. A review at the Bend Bulletin concludes ranchers driving their cattle from grassy Silver Lake to the lush Sycan Marsh in the late 19th century, had discovered a large juniper tree near the halfway point of the trail.

This massive tree stands just behind the back entrance of the restaurant. It was here they had a chuckwagon, which was used to serve ranchers heaping helpings of beans and biscuits before they traveled on.

cowboy dinner tree
Mathew Foster / Flickr

This massive tree stands just behind the back entrance of the restaurant. It was here they had a chuckwagon, which was used to serve ranchers heaping helpings of beans and biscuits before they traveled on.

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Bring your appetite when dining here, you will have the option of ordering two delicious entrees, either a whole roasted chicken or a huge mouthwatering 26 to 30-ounce steak. The cost to eat here is $45.00 per person, with children 6 and under free. Kids aged 7 to 13 will cost $11.00.

cowboy dinner tree
Image by Mike Keefe / Facebook

All the food here is made from scratch — including bottomless beans, bottomless salad, and bottomless homemade rolls. You can try their delicious berry shortcake for dessert. The pink lemonade is also a popular choice at the Cowboy Dining Tree, as well as ice tea and coffee.

drburtoni / Flickr
drburtoni / Flickr

You may want to bring a cooler for leftovers, and if don't feel like heading home just yet, they will rent you a rustic wood-stove heated cabin for the night.

drbutoni / Flickr

Electricity, shower and the original Mr. Coffee are provided upon staying.

drbutoni / Flickr

The Cowboy Dining Tree only accepts cash, and is available to dine upon reservation only! The service here is top-notch and super friendly, with the hosts making you feel right at home.

Loren Kerns / Flickr

How to get to the Cowboy Dinner Tree

From Bend, drive south on U.S. 97 for 31 miles. Turn left on Oregon 31 South. Continue 47 miles and turn right on East Bay Road. Drive 4.2 miles to the restaurant on the right. It is located 5.1 miles south of Silver Lake on E Bay Road/NF-28, roughly a 45-minute drive from Fort Rock.

Serving Dinner every half-hour starting from 4:00 pm to 7:30 pm. 

  • December 1st – January 31st – Open Saturday Only
  • February – Open Friday & Saturday
  • March 1st – Sunday before Memorial Day – Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • Memorial Day Weekend – October 31st – Open Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday
  • November – Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday

Reservations are required and only cash is accepted. Call 541.576.2426 for reservations and pricing. Check out their website here.

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