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Try Some Tasty Southern Comfort Food at This Unique Oregon Gastropub

If you're looking for something different and unique that specializes in southern hospitality and mouthwatering comfort food, look no further. This gastropub in Eugene,...

Unplug and Plan a Getaway to This Gorgeous Historic Hotel in...

The brothers Mike and Brian McMenamin are personal local heroes of mine. I had visited many of their properties and brewpubs in the Portland...

Nectar Creek Offers Hand Crafted Mead Experience Unlike Any Other

Brothers Phillip and Nick Lorenz consider themselves lucky to have been raised in a part of the Willamette Valley where agriculture is way of life. ...

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In light of COVID-19, the majority of attractions featured on That Oregon Life are temporarily closed. While we feel it's hugely important to our local economy to still support local business and travel, please keep these places in mind for when this passes.