Oregon Coast Aquarium Recognized by Newsweek Among Best in the U.S.

Oregon Coast Aquarium Courtesy of Flickr

The Oregon Coast Aquarium made the nomination list, but now they need your vote, and there's only two days left!

From Crater Lake National Park, to hidden beaches, treetop adventures, towering waterfalls and gorgeous public gardens, there are a lot of truly special places in Oregon that you should add to your bucket list. We're pleased to announce that one of our favorite family destinations has once again been nationally recognized by being nominated as one of the best aquariums in the U.S. You can cast your vote to get it added to the list as one of the best in the nation, but only if you hurry, as there's only two days left to vote!

Oregon Coast Aquarium Gains National Recognition Again

An otter swimming at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport, Oregon is a must visit when on the Oregon coast. It's one of those spots that it's impossible to be disappointed with and that you'll want to return to again and again. It was just last year that we wrote about the Oregon Coast Aquarium getting a spotlight by U.S. News & World Report as one of the top 15 Aquariums in the U.S. Eight months later we're here to report that our beloved state aquarium has caught the attention of Newsweek.

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A gumboot chiton and an abalone at the Oregon Coat Aquarium (Photo by OCA / Facebook)

Recently Newsweek released a list of reader's choice nominations for the best aquariums in the United States, and it's no surprise that the Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport made the list.

Two cute looking fish at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
Another species featured in their new Big Bites Exhibit is the Porcupinefish. The teeth of these googly-eyed fishes are fused into a “dental plate” that allows them to crush shelled prey such as snails, urchins and hermit crabs. (Oregon Coast Aquarium)

This time around, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is joined on the nomination list by top rated and well known aquariums like the Monterey Bay Aquarium in California, and the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland.

Oregon Coast Aquarium in Newport

With events like Sleep With The Sharks, where you can stay the night in the shark tunnel at the aquarium, the Jellyfish Encounter, and gorgeous exhibits featuring octopi, otters, fish, sharks and seabirds, we really think our aquarium deserves to be on the list.

A tufted puffin building a nest at the Oregon Coast Aquarium.
A tufted puffin builds a nest at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Photo by Larry Miller via Flickr CC2.

You have until April 11th, 2024 at 9 AM to cast your vote, and can return daily to cast your vote again. You can cast your vote here. Be sure to let your friends and family know to vote for the Oregon Coast Aquarium as well!