In-N-Out’s Northwest Expansion Grows as Ridgefield Welcomes Iconic Burger Chain

In-N-Out's Northwest Expansion Grows As New Location Planned For Ridgefield

From its humble beginnings as California's first drive-thru hamburger stand in a snug 100 square foot space in Baldwin Park, In-N-Out Burger has grown into a beloved icon of the fast-food world. Known for its fresh, made-to-order burgers, crispy animal fries, and thick milkshakes, this family-owned chain has kept burger aficionados coming back for more since Harry Snyder opened the doors in 1948.

Now, this fast food joint is spreading its wings, venturing beyond the sunny borders of California and into the heart of the Pacific Northwest. The latest buzz? Ridgefield, Washington, is set to welcome its very own In-N-Out Burger at the Union Ridge Town Center. This expansion is met with excitement and anticipation, as city leaders and the In-N-Out team collaborate to ensure that the new location not only meets the chain's high standards for quality and service but also harmonizes with Ridgefield's unique charm and character.

The move to Ridgefield marks an important milestone in In-N-Out's history, signaling its continued commitment to growth and community engagement. Despite facing challenges, such as the denied permit application in Beaverton, Oregon, due to land-use issues, In-N-Out remains undeterred, demonstrating its resilience and dedication to bringing its cherished dining experience to fans old and new across the Northwest.

As In-N-Out Burger continues to expand its footprint, it's clear that the Snyder family's legacy lives on, promising more opportunities for burger lovers to enjoy their favorite meals.