Mt. Bachelor Announces Postponement of Opening Day Due to Weather Conditions

by | Nov 22, 2023 | Adventures, Bend, News, Ski/Snowboard

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Bend, Oregon - Mt. Bachelor, a renowned ski resort in Oregon, has recently announced a change in plans for the eagerly awaited start of the winter season. Initially set to open its slopes on November 24, the resort has had to postpone this date due to less-than-ideal snow conditions. This decision, while disappointing to winter sports enthusiasts, highlights Mt. Bachelor's commitment to safety and ensuring a top-notch experience for its visitors.

The resort, located near Bend, Oregon, is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding. However, the current snow base, standing at around 8 inches, is not sufficient for safe activities, especially in the lower mountain areas. The team at Mt. Bachelor remains optimistic, though, and is closely monitoring the weather for the next substantial winter storm, which is crucial for a safe opening.

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Despite this temporary setback, Mt. Bachelor's team is not idle. They are poised to resume snow-making operations as soon as temperatures permit, working around the clock to prepare the slopes. The resort has not announced a new target opening date yet, but assures its guests that the lifts will start spinning as soon as the conditions are favorable.

For those who have made advance purchases for the period from November 24 to November 26, Mt. Bachelor is offering a hassle-free solution. All guests who have bought products for these dates will be automatically refunded, demonstrating the resort's commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.

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While the wait for the first run of the season extends a bit longer, Mt. Bachelor encourages its community to stay positive and excited for the season ahead. The delay is a good opportunity to remember the joys of winter sports and to hope for more snow. The resort's message is one of optimism and anticipation: stay stoked, give thanks, and keep the winter spirit alive.

As the Bend community and winter sports enthusiasts around Oregon look forward to the new opening day, Mt. Bachelor assures everyone that the slopes will be worth the wait. Further updates will be provided as the resort continues to assess the weather conditions, all in pursuit of delivering unforgettable skiing and snowboarding experiences in the heart of Oregon.

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Written By Tyler James

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