Father’s Dying Wish is to Take His Son to the Oregon Coast

by | Jan 26, 2022 | News, Oregon Coast

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Today it pains my heart to write this. A man from Richland, Washington, sadly has shared he is nearing the end of a long medical battle. Donavon Koker, has a dying wish to take a trip to the Oregon Coast with his 12-year-old son.

Donavon explained, "Both my kidney (one that's left) and my heart are giving out. I was asked if I have any bucket list items, and the only real thing I would like to do is take my 12-year-old son Lincoln to the ocean for the first time."

Due to the worldwide pandemic, his son, Lincoln, missed his field trip to Oregon and it would be wonderful to spend that time with him. Due to financial challenges, Donavan is in need of some assistance with food, gas, entertainment, and any other expenses needed for the trip.

"I want to take him to experience the Oregon aquarium, the boardwalk in Seaside and any other misadventures we may be able to get ourselves into," he said.

So far he has already raised more than the $2,000 goal for the fundraiser, in a GoFundMe post from Monday. His plan is to sit down with his son and decide on a charity for the extra funds they receive.

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Written By Tyler James

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