Enter Hop Valley Brewing’s New Wacky and Wonderful Cult Classic Giveaway


"What is this? A center for Ants?"

Twenty years ago, a certain fictional male model had a vision, and the iconic “center for ants” was born. Now, Eugene Oregon's own Hop Valley is reimagining what a modern center for ants would look like, and naturally, it’s a brewery. A Brewery for Ants if you will.

Hop Valley is releasing the world’s first “Brewery for Ants,” aka a miniature, tricked-out replica of the Hop Valley Brewery. It plus $5,000 could be yours.

From the folks who brought you beloved brews like Citrus Mistress and Alphadelic comes your chance to take home this one-of-a-kind miniature world. Imagine the conversations you'll have with your buds next time they come over to crack open a cold one!

  • Here at Hop Valley, we’re a brewery for everyone…even ants, so the ant farm brings to life our favorite pieces of the human-sized brewery but slightly smaller, like stools in the taproom, CryoHopsⓇ freezing in the back, tiny beer tanks, tie-dye couch and more. *Disclaimer: ants and beer not included in the final prize.
  • Starting today (9/15) through October 1, 2021, text ANTS to 90464 to enter for your chance to win.
  • The winner will take home the Brewery for Ants with a mini-fridge hook up so humans can keep their really, really, really, ridiculously good IPA stash cold, and $5,000 towards a trip to visit the full-size brewery in Oregon (at least 3x bigger than this ;)).
  • For the full rundown of rules, see here.

You may be wondering, "why a brewery for ants"? Well, according to spokespeople for the brewery, "We love and honor cult classic movies that are ridiculous, bizarre, and repeatedly enjoyable just like Hop Valley. We just love nostalgia and wanted to finally create a modern “center for ants” that fans may or may not have been dreaming of since September 2001."

And there you have it.

While you have Hop Valley beer on the brain, consider stopping into their Eugene brewpub to sample their latest specialty limited-edition offering. The Orange Mocha Stashaccino is a yummy beer cocktail with notes of citrus, vanilla, and mocha made from a citrus pale ale and mocha liqueur perfect for the changing seasons.

"We enjoy people, and we enjoy people drinking our beer. And if they are enjoying our beer, we enjoy that even more." --Hop Valley

Hop Valley brewmasters Brandon, Trevor, and Patty in their native environment.

Hop Valley Eugene is located at 990 W 1st Ave Eugene, Or 97402.

Call 541-485-BEER or visit Hop Valley online at HopValleyBrewing.com.