15 Seriously Mind-Blowing Photos From Oregon’s Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse 2017, Captured at Smith Rock State Park by Andrew Studer

So the big day finally came and went. All these months of hype, leading up to Aug. 21, 2017 where the solar eclipse began in Oregon. Here are some of the most incredible images we could find capturing the amazing moment! I’ve never seen so many majestic photos in one day captured in our beautiful state.


1. Smith Rock State Park

 2. Mt. Jefferson by Jasman Lion Mander

3. Dead Ox Ranch Campout by Gary Randall

4. The sun, the moon, and the stars by Mike Paek 

5. Lincoln City

6. Ashland

7. Timothy Lake

8. Colton High School

9. Keizer Rapids Park

Eclipse Madness ????????. . It was an experience impossible to put into words or convey with photos but I’ll try anyway. . One of the most incredible moments I’ve ever experienced! We were able to take in totality in the town of Keizer where my parents live and where I grew up. The moments leading up to totality were eerie and surreal. The lighting changed, becoming darker but still bright enough to see. The temperature began to drop making me regret not bringing a jacket. And finally, when the moon fully covered the sun, I couldn’t resist the urge to howl at the moon as I lost all control during this eclipse madness ????! . . #artofvisuals #upperleftusa #landscape_lovers #sunsets #nikonlove #instagood #oregon #westcoast #adventure #optoutside #keizer #moon #travelwashington #main_vision #picoftheday #yourshot #wonderfulplaces #totalsolareclipse2017 #shotaward #watchthisinstagood #moodygrams #mood #oregoneclipse #instagood #summer #allbeauty_addiction #bridgetown #exceptional_pictures #thatpnwlife #thatoregonlife

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10. Woodburn

11. Summer Eclipse Sunrise

12. Larch Mountain

Today was a pretty great day in Oregon. #solareclipse2017 ????: @snickersv

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13. Full Time Lapse of 2017 Eclipse; by Brent Chapman

14. Duffy Lake by Anderson Visual Arts


15. Colton, Oregon by Jacob Carroll Photography


But wait, there’s more. We have included a bonus shot of the solar eclipse captured near the Painted Hills!

16. John Day River shot by Danielle Denham


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