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Leave No Trace

Our purpose is to cultivate a welcoming environment where people Leave No Trace and learn to be more tolerant of others, to bridge gaps, work together as a community, find common ground, and create sustainable solutions the Oregon way. That Oregon Life is a place where Oregonian citizens, organizations and businesses can flourish. We connect and learn from each others’ experience to grow, thrive and prosper together in harmony. Join us, and surround yourself with Oregon inspiration.

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The heart of Oregon and That Oregon Life beats with adventure, exploration, community support, tolerance, and the simple joys of enjoying our beautiful state. That Oregon Life is not just about Oregon, it’s a state of mind. Our fans are active and they can take a joke like a true Oregonian who’s not afraid to keep it weird.

The spirit of That Oregon Life was sparked in 1859 and has since evolved into an army of loyal Oregonian followers. At That Oregon Life, we welcome all Oregonians new and old with open arms. True Oregonians love to exploring the wonders of Oregon, sharing adventures, respecting our environment, and being tolerant of all other Oregonians.

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