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Bigfoot is spotted again, this time on a webcam in Washington

Ah yes. The legend of Bigfoot, the hairy man beast that stands "seven to nine feet tall and weighs between 600 and 900 pounds,"...

This Hilariously Fake Bigfoot Sighting Keeps Making Rounds on Social Media

I've seen my share of ridiculous bigfoot claims. This famous image comes to mind (although in some schools of thought, the jury is still...

Oregon is Home to the World’s Only Bigfoot Trap

While the big hairy beast hasn't been caught yet, the trap has been set. If there was such a thing as a bigfoot trap,...

Hunter kills Bigfoot on Oregon Coast, lures into cave

MANZANITA, OR — George Henderson is a self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter and has killed a real Bigfoot in Oregon. According to Henderson, this isn't the...

Kids Encounter Bigfoot in This Small Northern California Town

With Oregon's Bigfoot Festival just around the corner this year, I thought this would be a great time to share this interesting story. In American...

Bigfoot Changed This Man’s Life On a Hike in Southern Oregon

  Three in 10 Americans believe Bigfoot is real, and the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization reports most Bigfoot sightings are in the Pacific Northwest and...

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