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This Ice Cream Festival In Oregon Is About The Sweetest Event You Can Experience

Is it really all you can eat? All you want? Yup! The Scooped Ice Cream Festival is coming with over fifty flavors of ice cream, and it's all you can eat for the cost of admission!

Pack Your Bags Because Lincoln City’s Summer Kite Festival is This Weekend

There's something uniquely compelling about Lincoln City, Oregon. Nestled against the majestic Pacific Ocean, it's a haven of natural beauty where land, sea, and sky intertwine. If there's one thing Lincoln City does better than any other place, it's providing a stage for the incredible annual...

This Little-Known Town Is Any Nature Lover’s Tranquil Paradise On The Oregon Coast

I love summer for the opportunities it presents to get out into nature. Swimming, hiking, bird watching and camping are some of my favorite outdoor activities, and I'm always looking for new places to get outside and explore. There's one city along the Oregon coast that's often overlooked, but is...

People Flock To See Massive Bizarre Fish That Washed Up On Oregon Shore

We recently wrote about the whale that washed ashore in Nehalem State Park, and the rumors that it was going to be exploded like the famous exploding whale of 1970. Now we're here to bring you the tale of a massive 7.3 foot fish on Gearhart Beach north of Seaside. Ever heard of the Hoodwinker...

This Surreal Oregon Ranch Offering Horse Riding, Swimming, and Breathtaking Views

The views from Brasada Ranch of the surrounding mountains and high desert are pretty amazing and a reason to visit all on their own. Add to that the pretty horses, miles of trails, golf, and all the nearby activities, and it's easy to see why this ranch resort wins so many awards.

Unwind This Summer at a Stunning Lodge on the Scenic Oregon Coast

Unwind This Summer at a Stunning Lodge on the Scenic Oregon Coast

The smell of salt and the sea, damp forest earth, and adventure floating in on the summer breeze. It's all waiting for you on the Oregon coast at one of our favorite spots to relax, recharge, and get away for some outdoor fun. Nestled between lush forested bluffs and...