Oregon Renaissance Faire Kicks Off This Weekend In Canby

by | May 30, 2024 | Entertainment, Events, Family Fun, Festivals, News

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The Oregon Renaissance Faire invites you to step back in time to the Vale of Dunrose, a Scottish village from the Renaissance era. Be part of the vibrant celebrations as King James VI of Scotland and his royal party bring the village to life. Immerse yourself in the authentic entertainment, music, and arts of the Renaissance period. Revel in the rich array of sounds, sights, and aromas that conjure Scotland’s historical ambiance. Explore the unique crafts, wares, and lifestyles that characterize this intriguing era.

The event unfolds over three weekends: June 1-2, June 8-9, and June 15-16, 2024. Each day, the gates are open from 10 AM to 7 PM. Join us at the Clackamas County Fairground & Event Center in Canby, OR, for this unforgettable journey into the past.

Highland Fling: Weekend 1

Hark! Gather ’round for the grand “Highland Fling,” marking the auspicious commencement of the Oregon Renaissance Faire’s festivities. Don thy finest kilts, skirts, and tartans, and join us in a jubilant ode to the noble Celtic heritage and the valor of the Scots.

In the Vale of Dunrose, we shall regale His Royal Majesty and his esteemed Court with a weekend of unparalleled merriment. Partake in a sumptuous banquet of traditional Celtic fare, sweet confections, and hearty ales, fit for kings and queens alike.

Venture forth into our bustling Marketplace, a veritable cornucopia of craftsmen’s wares and trinkets, offering treasures to delight every gentle lass and brave lad, for purses large and small. Marvel at a spectacle of entertainments most wondrous – brave knights engaging in jousts of honor, skilled performers swallowing swords, and a myriad of high-spirited shenanigans. Follow the enchanting strains of Highland pipes to where King James VI graces our humble shire with his presence, elevating our Celtic revels to the highest of honors in the realm.

Enchanted Kingdoms of Legend & Lore: Weekend 2

Welcome, brave souls and fair folk, to the “Enchanted Kingdoms of Legend & Lore,” the wondrous second weekend of the Oregon Renaissance Faire. As King James VI and his Royal Court grace our charming Vale of Dunrose, we delve into the pages of storybooks and legends.

The King remembered the stories told to him as a young lad, enchanted by the fairytales and lore of old. Inspired, he beckons forth a weekend where the very air shimmers with magic, and the veil betwixt our world and the realm of myths grows thin.

This is the time when the mundane and the miraculous converge. Creatures of legend roam our streets: Faeries with gossamer wings, wise wizards, elusive elves, mighty dragons, and curious goblins. Every corner of Dunrose is aglow with the fantastical and the extraordinary!

Don thy most whimsical garb or attire as your cherished fairytale persona. Be ready to embark on a grand adventure of wonderment and revelry, for in our shire, every path leads to enchantment, every glance reveals a story, and every moment is steeped in the magic of yore.

So come, be part of our magical second weekend, where legends breathe life, and the mystical veil lifts to reveal a celebration of otherworldly magnificence! Hit the link here to buy your tickets now.

Raiders of the Realm: A Weekend of Warriors: Weekend 3

Sound the horns and raise the banners! The Vale of Dunrose is abuzz with anticipation for the season’s grand finale: “Raiders of the Realm: A Weekend of Warriors.” This spirited weekend is a tribute to the bold and the brave, from the high seas to the rugged Northlands.

Pirates, privateers, and swashbucklers will embark upon Dunrose, initiating a lively invasion filled with merriment and adventure. The air will resound with the melodies of sea shanties, the ring of swordplay, and the laughter of those embracing the pirate life. Dress in your most daring pirate attire and partake in a jubilee of feasting, jesting, and nautical revelry – but the adventure does not stop with the sea raiders!

From the icy reaches of the North, Vikings and Barbarians make their mighty presence known in Dunrose. Join in the Viking feast, gnaw on hearty turkey legs, quaff mead from horns, and pillage through our splendid Marketplace, laden with artisanal treasures. Wear your rugged leathers and furs, brandish face paint, and sport epic braids, embodying the fierce spirit of the Northmen.

Join us in this spirited culmination of our season, “Raiders of the Realm: A Weekend of Warriors.” Here, in the presence of our esteemed Queen, celebrate the valor and camaraderie of raiders from land and sea in a finale that promises to be as grand as it is unforgettable. Hit the link here to buy your tickets now.


Can I bring my dog/pet? The Clackamas County Fairgrounds only allows trained service animals on their site.

Where should I park? What does it cost? Parking is in the Yellow Lot B and is free. There is additional parking across the street from the Fairgrounds, and it is also free.

Does the Faire go on rain or shine? Yes, all shows and performances go on as scheduled rain or shine. The only exception is for the safety of the performer or our guests.

Can I take my adult drink outside the Ale House? Our site has an On-premise License meaning that you can walk anywhere on the faire proper with your beverage. You may not leave the site with open containers of alcohol. Please drink responsibly!

Can I bring my child inside the Ale House? The Faire has an On-premise license; therefore anyone of any age can go into the Ale Houses. Anyone purchasing alcoholic beverages must be 21+ and present a valid government-issued ID.

Can Guests camp at the Oregon Renaissance Faire? Camping at this time is for participants/volunteers/vendors/performers only.

Do I need to print my ticket or can it be scanned from my phone? Tickets can be scanned from electronic or printed copies.

How do I get involved? Check our website for performer/vendor/volunteer applications.

Do you have any discounts? Discounts and give-aways happen on our Facebook and Email list. Join our Facebook page and email list for the most current promotional info and discounts!

Pray, join us in this grand celebration, and be part of a tale that shall be told for ages to come! Head over to www.oregonfaire.com for more information.

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