The Fried Pickles At This Oregon Buffalo Wing Joint Are Absolute Fire

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We recently asked our followers: what are the best fried pickles in Oregon, and hoo boy did you guys deliver with great suggestions. There are dozens of great places you can stop by for fried pickles in the Beaver state, from seafood restaurants to pizzerias, but today we're checking out the fried pickles and buffalo wings at Fire On The Mountain in Portland, Oregon. These fried pickles are so fire, you may want to stop in just for the pickles alone, though we really think the wings and variety of sauces will also keep you wanting to come back for more.

Fire On The Mountain In Portland, Oregon

A plate of saucy looking buffalo wings with a container of dipping sauce and celery sticks.
Medium wings with Lime Cilantro sauce. Photo by Lauren C. via Yelp.

Once upon a time Portland was listed as the worst city in the country for chicken wings. That made Portland the perfect place to come open up a killer new buffalo wing joint, which is what owners Sara and Jordan did. Sara and Jordan wanted to open up a buffalo wing restaurant that focused on crispy wings and spicy sauces, a place where good people can listen to groovy music while sharing good food. At first they started off small with just a few beers on tap and a barebones crew in 2005, but it wasn't long before Portlanders were clamoring for more of the incredible wings, sauces, and sides offered at Fire On The Mountain.

Fried Pickles At Fire On The Mountain

A basket of fried pickles with dipping sauce.
Fried pickles. Photo by Liz T. via Yelp.

Fried pickles is a weird thing to travel to a buffalo wing restaurant for, right? You'd think so, except that Fire On The Mountain are experts at frying up tasty treats (fried Oreos and Twinkies anyone)?

A fried pickle spear with a bite taken out of it. It's crispy and breaded on the outside, and green on the inside.
Photo by Chris R. via Yelp.

As it turns out, fried pickles are the perfect thing to pair with delicious buffalo wings or chicken sandwiches, or just the perfect thing to snack on in general.

A basket of fried pickles with dipping sauce.
Photo by Charlie T. via Yelp.

This is one of the few places that will give you fried pickle spears as opposed to fried pickle rounds.

A basket of fried pickles.
Photo by Ben W. via Yelp.

Served with chipotle aioli, these crispy pickle spears are mouthwatering delights for pickle lovers. You won't be able to eat just one and will probably find yourself finishing off an entire basket of them.

Wings, Sandwiches And Sauces At Fire On The Mountain

A basket with a variety of chicken wings, celery, and dipping sauces.
Photo by Jason O. via Yelp.

We've talked about the fried pickles, but are the wings any good? Absolutely! Fire On The Mountain was even featured on an episode of Outrages Food on the Food Network for their spicy wings. Diners will find all kinds of delicious wings, from mild to super spicy, along with more than 10 delicious sauces. Inspiration for new sauces is taken from all over the world, and it's definitely worth trying them all. The raspberry habanero sauce is a fan favorite, along with the spicy peanut sauce. Others really enjoy the bourbon chipotle sauce, and sweet BBQ sauce.

A plate full of containers of different types of dipping sauces.
Wing sauces. Photo by Aiden L. via Yelp.

You might think Portland is a weird spot for a chicken wing joint, but they also have several vegan options on offer, including vegan drumsticks and PDX nuggets (breaded soy nuggets).

A delicious looking fresh salad with mandarin oranges and sliced nuts.
Photo by Lisa I via Yelp.

If you're not into wings but still want a tasty meal, try the buffalo chicken sandwich, the Jamaican jerk sandwich, chicken tenders or a variety of delicious salads like the peanut tender salad. See their full menu here. This is one of those places where you really can't go wrong no matter what you choose because everything is just that good.

Fire On The Mountain Information

A basket of fried pickles with dipping sauce.
Photo by Maygan P. via Yelp.

Fire on the mountain has three locations in Portland. You can find them at 1708 E Burnside Street, 3443 NE 57th Ave, or 4225 N Interstate Ave.

Each location has their own hours, so we recommend checking out their updated hours, contact info and more on their official website.

A fried pickle with a bite taken out of it and a container of dipping sauce.
Photo by Liz T. via Yelp.

If you want our recommendation for which location to visit, head to the restaurant on N Interstate Ave as this is their original location and a fun spot to visit. The Interstate location of Fire On The Mountain offers counter service and outdoor seating.

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