Find Hippie Vibes and Perfect Pies at this Oregon Coast Pizzeria 

Tie Dye Pizza

Tie Dye Pizzeria is a true Oregon restaurant and when you walk in you’ll feel instantly at ease and kind of like you’re hanging out in that one friend’s cool basement that everyone always ended up in after the bars closed (and I mean this in the best possible way). 

writing on the wall, Kenan Powell Google Local

Though the now iconic pizza spot has been open and operating since 2007, it was previously called Humble Pie but had to change its name back in 2016. However, the switch to the new name made perfect sense for owner and resident hippie, Ken Morris, who can often be found working in the kitchen, bedecked in tie dye t-shirts. Morris is actually a classically trained chef, but his vibe is 100% laid back and there’s zero stuffiness about anything here. It all has a very local feel like you’ve been best friends with him for years. 

hot pizza
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The pizzeria has a fun and relaxed atmosphere with a black and white checkered floor, kites hanging on the ceiling, bright yellow walls, and a pool table! But perhaps the thing you’ll notice most when you walk in is that the walls and ceiling have been decorated by the hundreds of loyal customers who’ve come through over the years. You could probably spend hours here reading all the love notes, signatures, and mementos left for the crew at Tie Dye. Anyone is welcome to add their own John Hancock to the mural, but you have to follow the rules: Ask for a marker at the front counter, no writing on top of other people’s stuff, nothing rude or crass, and you only have two minutes!

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The pizza at Tie Dye is tried and true and always satisfying. The crust (which you can order thick, thin, or gluten free) is cooked to perfection in the pizza oven with a generous dusting of cornmeal flour used to create its superb texture when it comes out, piping hot. And the sauce is the perfect mix of sweet and tangy with italian seasoning, and all the pies are arranged with just the right balance of crust, sauce, cheese, and toppings. 

pepperoni pizza
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Some of the most popular menu items are the Tie-Dye Pie made with diced canadian bacon, pepperoni, mixed bell peppers, and onions, the Seafood Pie with smoked salmon, bay shrimp, smoked oysters, onions, pineapples, mixed peppers, cream sauce and mozzarella cheese, the Meat Lovers with pepperoni, ground beef, salami, and Italian sausage, and the Maui Wauhai with Canadian bacon and pineapple.

cream puffs
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They also make both stromboli and calzone, which are so good that it led one reviewer to say it’s “the best Stromboli I have had in 20 years!” Also worthy of raving about are the homemade cream puffs and chocolate eclairs which are huge, and you have to save room for one or at least take it home with you for later.

Maui Wauhai
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Tie Dye currently only offers takeout, but they do have a couple tables set up you can hang out at while you wait and maybe even get in a game of pool. You can also call your order in for pickup, and if you’re wearing a tie-dye shirt you get a dollar off any 12 or 16 inch pizza! You can also enjoy pizza by the slice weekdays from 11:00am to 1:00pm, but all other times you have to buy a whole pie.


  • Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday, 11:00am - 8:00pm (Closed Mondays)
  • Friday & Saturday, 11:00am - 9:00pm

Address: 1114 NE Hwy 101 Lincoln City

Phone: (541) 994-4840