Locals Can’t Get Enough of the Hand-Pulled Noodles at Oregon’s Latest Chinese Haven

by | Feb 28, 2024 | Food & Drink, Restaurants

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There are very few places in the Portland area to get great hand-pulled noodles, but we can all rejoice because now Noodle Dynasty is here! This new restaurant opened in January so they’ve only been around for less than two months, but already they’re making waves. Many reviewers have commented that when they’ve gone there’s been a line out the door of hungry customers waiting to get in, so you better get there fast before it becomes so popular you won’t be able to get a table. Noodle Dynasty is located in the Tanasbourne Town Center where the old Tang Dynasty used to be. Right now, there’s just a makeshift vinyl sign hanging outside, but don’t let that dissuade you from coming in!

long noodles
Long Noodles, Tiva F. Yelp

At its heart, Noodle Dynasty is authentic Chinese comfort food, and it was started by the successful Highland Noodles based in the Bay Area. Both restaurants are known for their hand-pulled noodles that feature a perfectly chewy texture and are made to order for every meal (like the cooks are actually back there stretching and folding the noodles after you order them, then dunking them into huge pots of boiling water before they’re served to you—talk about fresh!) This type of noodle is designed to soak up all the flavor of the broth it's put in, so you can expect an explosion of taste with every bite.

beef soup
Beef soup. J. Patrick Dewey Google Local

All the delicious noodle soups are made with rich broths simmered for at least six hours with flavorful beef bones, and seasoned with 28 different spices. The restaurant also serves stir-fry dishes, dim sum, fried rice and chow mein. And, anything you order will come in huge portions that are great for sharing, so bring a group so you can try a lot of different dishes.

flat noodles
Flat noodles, James Sullivan Google Local

It would be impossible to suggest just one or two things here, but so far the crowd favorites are the Braised Chicken with Flat Noodles that come to your table in a giant platter that can feed the whole table, the Pork Belly Topping Stir Noodles, General Tso’s Chicken, and the Spicy Beef Noodle Soup. You’ll also want to order a couple tasty appetizers and veggies for the table like the Dry Fry String Beans, Sliced Beef Pancake Rolls, Shrimp & Pork Pan-Fried Dumplings, or the Sesame Balls with red bean filling.

green beans
String beans, Charlie Te Google Local

Noodle Dynasty is knocking it out of the park not even two months in, but still need to get used to the sheer amount of customers they have. The front and back of the house are fast and efficient, running around bringing out plate after plate of piping hot food and ringing people up, so if you need something during your meal, you may need to flag a server down yourself. And, like many restaurants these days, you’ll need to scan the QR code on the table to pull up the menu and place the order yourself. The digital menu has pictures of everything, but honestly you can’t go wrong and you’ll be happy to take leftovers home if you order too much!

beef pancake roll
Beef pancake roll, Charlie Te Google Local

Hours: Every day, 11:00am - 2:30pm for lunch & 4:30pm - 9:00pm for dinner
Address: 11170 NE Evergreen Pkwy Unit C, Beaverton
Phone: (503) 746-5879

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