The Purrfect Oregon Cafe to Find Your New Cat Just Opened in the Valley

cat cafe oregon

On January 31st, a new cat cafe opened in the Eugene-Springfield area. Yes, you read that correctly—a cat cafe! The Eugene Springfield Cat Lounge has just become one of only two cat cafes in the entire state (the only other is in Bend since Portland's Purrington’s closed down in late 2022). Located on the corner of Prescott and Centennial just a few minutes east of Autzen stadium, those in the area now have a new and unique way to adopt a pet or just hang out with some cool cats.

Mochi and Binx
Mochi and Binx, Cat Lounge facebook

The owner, Dr. Michelle Wyatt, is now retired from her medical practice but has always known first-hand the therapeutic benefits of cats. And, after touring other cat cafes up and down the west coast she knew that she wanted to bring this service to Oregon—thus spawned the Cat Lounge! 

If you’re not familiar with the concept of a cat cafe, it’s not just for people who like to sip tea while a cat curls up on their lap, it also acts as an adoption center where potential pet parents can get to know cats in a less stressful environment than going to a shelter. Essentially it’s a large living room comfortable for both people and cats to relax with chairs, couches, a tv and tons of scratching posts, cat trees, and cat toys. 

watching tv
watching TV, Cat Lounge Google Local

The Cat Lounge partners with the Cat Rescue and Adoption Network (CRAN), who supplies all the friendly cats looking for their forever home. But you don’t have to want to adopt to visit—you can just like being around cats! Plenty of people would love to own a cat but can’t for whatever reason, and the Cat Lounge can be just the thing to need to get your feline fix while also serving as a foster home for rescue cats. 

Mickey, Cat Lounge Google Local

Whether you just like hanging out with cats or are in the market for a new furry roommate, the Cat Lounge recognizes that both people and cats thrive when they get to spend time together. Since they just opened, there are only six cats currently living at the lounge—Binx and Mochi, Romeow, Chicory, and Frank and Mickey—but Wyatt hopes to up this to 10 to 12 cats in the coming months. Those who are interested in providing a forever home shouldn’t expect to walk out the door with a cat the same day. Instead, they’ll need to apply for adoption through CRAN and go through a longer process to make sure they’re the right fit for the cat. 

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inside of lounge
inside the lounge, Cat Lounge Google Local

It will cost you $12 to visit for an hour but it’s best to make reservations online ahead of time as the cafe can only accommodate 10 people at a time. If you think you’ll be a frequent visitor, you can also get a membership that will get you 50% off, and the entire space can be rented out for up to 10 people for a private event. The cafe follows all the necessary guidelines set forth by the Humane Society and the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA), so you know the kitties are well cared for, the premises are kept clean, and the litter boxes are kept in a separate area so you won’t have to smell cat poop!

Frank, Cat Lounge facebook

The cafe features local artwork and plans to host community gatherings like knitting and craft circles and meditation groups. They also have cute cat merchandise for sale. When you go, be prepared to take off your shoes, sanitize your hands, and go through a brief tutorial about the rules of the lounge before you’ll be allowed in. Go by yourself, with friends, or gift a visit to someone who needs more cat love in their life.  


  • Wednesday - Friday, 10:00am to 7:00pm
  • Saturday & Sunday, 11:00am to 5:00pm

Address: 537 W. Centennial Blvd., Springfield

Phone: (458) 240--2939