Local Gaming Lounge Big City Gamin’ Helps Those In Need Stay Warm During Extreme Weather

big city gamin eugene
Inside of Big City Gamin (Evie0797 / Google Local)

In Eugene, Oregon, there's this cool spot called Big City Gamin' – it's a video game lounge with some awesome beers on tap. But recently, they've stepped up in a big way beyond just gaming and good times. As of Monday, January 15th, they've been using their space as a cozy haven for people who need to escape the freezing weather.

The transformation has been incredible. Last night, the place was packed – not with gamers, but with people who needed a spot to escape the cold. And it wasn't just about giving them a roof over their heads. The community here in Eugene has been super generous. People have been dropping off heaps of warm clothes, shoes, socks, blankets, you name it. It's been incredible to see. Though most of the stuff got snapped up pretty fast, it shows how much it was needed.

Generosity in action: warm clothes, blankets, and food donated by our caring community

And there's more. Someone donated this massive commercial coffee pot, so now there's a constant supply of hot drinks – we're talking cider, hot cocoa, coffee – all the good stuff to keep you warm inside. And the food situation? Totally heartwarming. Over 100 meals were dished out to those in need just yesterday. The support from everyone's been insane – almost enough donations to match what's being spent on food and drinks.

Big City Gamin' is determined to keep this momentum. They've got plenty of biscuits, but they’re running low on gravy, and with US foods closed, they’re reaching out to any local businesses that can hook them up. It's a shout-out to any Dari Mart or restaurant that can spare or donate some gallons of gravy. Plus, all those warm drinks are going down fast, so more of those are always welcome.

And hey, if you’re feeling generous, cash or digital donations are super appreciated. Every bit helps in feeding and keeping people warm. Yesterday's response was amazing, but there's always more we can do. So if you're into what's happening and want to keep updated, or help spread the word, check out and share Big City Gamin’s Facebook page.

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To wrap it up, big thanks to everyone who's been helping out. With your support, Big City Gamin' has been able to get a ton of food for those who need it. It's pretty amazing what can happen when a community comes together like this. Let's keep this good vibe going!