Permanent Injunction on Measure 114 Issued by Harney County Judge

In a significant legal development, Harney County's Circuit Court Judge, Robert S. Raschio, recently ruled that Oregon's Measure 114, a gun safety law approved by voters, is unconstitutional. This ruling resulted in a permanent injunction, effectively pausing the implementation of the law.

Measure 114, which narrowly passed in the November 2022 ballot, has been subject to ongoing legal challenges in both federal and state courts. The law mandates individuals to complete a gun safety course and undergo a criminal background check before purchasing firearms. Additionally, it restricts the use of magazines with more than ten rounds.

Proponents of Measure 114, including state legal representatives, argue that these regulations are key to reducing incidents of homicide, suicide, and mass shootings. Contrarily, Judge Raschio expressed skepticism about the effectiveness of these provisions in enhancing public safety.

Earlier in the year, a federal judge in Oregon concluded that Measure 114 did not infringe upon the Second Amendment rights of the U.S. Constitution. However, this federal ruling does not supersede the state court's decision.

Reacting to the ruling, Oregon Attorney General Ellen Rosenblum expressed her disagreement, emphasizing the potential risks to Oregonian lives. She affirmed the state's intention to appeal the decision, confident in a favorable outcome in higher courts.

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