Rain Showers Expected Monday In Western Oregon

Afternoon fog and the trees of the Pacific Northwest - Ecola State Park, Oregon (Image by Justin Kern / Flickr)

If there’s ever a time we needed rain more than ever in the valley, it’s now. The Oregonian is reporting as soon as next week, following unprecedented and horrid smokey conditions in the Willamette Valley, there’s a slim chance of precipitation Monday afternoon. There is a high likelihood of rain showers on Monday night and Tuesday in the Portland, Salem and Eugene areas.

“The early part on next week brings even cooler temperatures and the promise of some precipitation as an offshore trough approaches,” forecasters said Thursday. With light chance a possibility for Monday, there’s a “slight chance” for thunderstorms from the Cascades and interior valley regions.

At the time of writing this, Portland is reported by IQAIR.com to have the worst air quality among majort cities worldwide.

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