Oregon National Guard Preparing Sites For A Surge Of Coronavirus Patients

Doctor wearing respiratory mask and holding the Coronavirus Covid-19 blood sample

With cases of Covid-19 still rising in Oregon (at the time of this article 114 cases and 3 deaths), hospitals are gearing up for a surge of patients, and so is the National Guard. The National Guard is preparing a medical center at the Salem Fairgrounds with hundreds of beds, supplies and equipment. The beds are organized into units of 10 to be overseen by medical personnel in conjunction with the Oregon Health Authority. This particular site will be used for nursing home patients. While there isn't currently a need for this many beds, the goal is to be prepared should the need arise.

The National Guard is also setting up sites in Lebanon and Warrenton to test patients and possibly directly care for those who have tested positive for Covid-19. Watch below to get more information:

You can learn more about how the National Guard across the US is responding to Covid-19 here. You can track Oregon cases of Coronavirus by county here.