Stranded in the Woods, Oregon Man Saved After Dog Runs 4 Miles For Help

by | Jun 12, 2024 | News

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In an incredible turn of events, an Oregon man and his four loyal dogs survived a harrowing ordeal after accidentally driving off an embankment and becoming stranded in the woods. This story truly defines the saying "man's best friend," as one of his dogs heroically ran four miles to alert others that something was wrong. This remarkable act of loyalty and bravery has made national news, showcasing the extraordinary bond between a man and his faithful canine companions.

The Baker County Sheriff's Office shared in a Facebook press release that the incident occurred on June 2. Brandon Garrett was driving to his camp in the afternoon when his vehicle veered off the road. Garrett’s brother called the police the following morning, concerned because Garrett hadn't made it to his camp. Family members had located Garrett's vehicle but couldn't reach it due to the steep, brush-filled ravine it was in.

Brandon Garrett was rescued from a ravine using a rope pulley system after accidentally driving his vehicle, with his four dogs inside, off the road in Oregon.

Photos shared by the police show Garrett's vehicle precariously positioned sideways in a creek. As Sheriff Travis Ash and a search dog scouted for a way to reach the accident site, they heard Garrett calling for help.

"Brandon Garrett, operator of the vehicle, was found alive approximately one hundred yards from the vehicle above the creek," the police report stated. Sheriff Ash administered first aid while other responders used chainsaws to clear a path for additional help.

Brandon Garrett and his dog Blue (Tyree Garrett)

Garrett had to be secured in a rescue basket and pulled out using a rope system before being airlifted to a hospital. Officials have not released details about Garrett's condition. The investigation revealed that Garrett had been traveling north on U.S. Forest Service Road 39 with his dogs when he failed to negotiate a curve, causing the vehicle to plunge off the embankment. One of his dogs ran nearly four miles back to their camp, alerting the rest of the party that something was wrong. Garrett managed to crawl about a hundred yards from the vehicle and spent the night there. The three remaining dogs were found alive at the crash scene.

The story quickly garnered widespread admiration for Garrett's dogs, with many calling them heroes. Comments on the sheriff's office post praised the dog's memory and bravery. One person wrote, "All four dogs are heroes, especially the one with great memory who ran 4 miles back to camp and alerted the family." Another added, "He is a dog-hero who displayed excellent memory, speed, and courage."

"Dogs go above and beyond," commented another, summing up the sentiments of many who were touched by this incredible story of loyalty and survival.

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