Oregon Lottery Reveals the Winning Numbers for the $1 Million Top Prize

oregon lottery
Photo courtesy of Oregon Lottery

In the heart of Portland, Oregon, an air of anticipation has settled as the Oregon Lottery announces it's time for ticket holders to come forward—the St. Patrick’s Day Raffle has unveiled its lucky numbers, headlined by a staggering top prize of $1 million!

Behold, the golden ticket number for the $1 Million Majestic Prize: 082773

But the pot of gold doesn't end there! The Oregon Lottery's St. Patrick's Day Raffle is showering fortune far and wide with additional prizes:

  • 300 lucky leprechauns will find themselves $500 richer
  • 1,500 participants will snag a crisp $100 bill

Winners of the $500 and $100 treasures can easily claim their booty at any Oregon Lottery retail haven or by dispatching their winning ticket through the mystical portal of mail. However, the one who holds the key to the million-dollar kingdom must journey to the Oregon Lottery’s realms in Salem or Wilsonville to claim their throne, by appointment only.

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For those holding the spellbound tickets to this year's enchanting draw, all 1,801 winning numbers await your discovery. Employ the magic of the Lottery’s app, navigate to the treasure map at www.oregonlottery.org, or embark on a quest to any participating Oregon Lottery retail outpost. The fortunes of St. Patrick's Day are yours to find!