Out-Of-State RV Campers to Pay 25% More Starting in Oregon Next Year

image via flickr

Starting in 2022, Oregon will start charging campers who are visiting from out of state a 25% fee for RV sites. The fee will be applied in dozens of campgrounds, and will include Airstreams, small pop-up trailers, and motorhomes. According to Statesman Journal, the fee will not include tents, yurts, or cabins.

The increase will include 56 campgrounds and will not affect campsites on federal lands, such as U.S. Forest Service campgrounds. Around 60% of state park campsites are designed for RVs and currently run around $24 to $40 per night. For those who are from out of state and camping in Oregon, you should expect to pay roughly $30 to $50 when the new fee goes into effect.

As camping has become increasingly popular in Oregon over the past decade, competition for RV sites and campsites has risen quite significantly. This is especially true on the Oregon Coast.

"The policy makes sense because Oregonians already have skin in the game by paying RV fees upfront," Oregon Parks and Recreation Department spokesman Chris Havel told the Statesman Journal. "So it makes sense for non-residents to pay a little more for a site, since Oregonians have already paid into the system."